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We now look at Nkuringo gorilla safaris in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Nkuringo region is one of the few gorilla trekking trail heads located in the southern part of the famous bwindi impenetrable National Park. This region is located in Kisoro district of Uganda and is home to one gorilla family popularly known as Nkuringo gorilla group. For those interested in nkuringo gorilla tours, you can look at booking gorilla families reserved for gorilla habituation experience as well. Bushaho and Bikingi gorilla families are the two gorilla families for gorilla habituation experience and as such one can do a gorilla trek in nkuringo followed by a gorilla habituation experience

Gorilla families for Nkuringo gorilla safaris or nkuringo gorilla tours

As earlier stated, there is mainly one gorilla family that can be trekked from Nkuringo side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park however even the two gorilla families put aside for the four hours gorilla habituation experience can be trekked from Nkuringo. For those interested in staying in Nkuringo but have no permits for Nkuringo region, they can drive to Rushaga and track rushaga gorillas. Nkuringo gorilla permits just like all bwindi gorilla permits cost USD600.00 for foreign nonresidents, USD500 for foreign residents with working permits. East Africans looking to book Nkuringo gorilla tours will have to part with sh250,000 to buy Nkuringo gorilla permits.

Booking permits for nkuringo gorilla safaris or Nkuringo gorilla tours

Uganda wildlife authority is the body in charge of issuing all bwindi and mgahinga gorilla permits. Nkuringo gorilla permits can be booked through any local tour operator and as such, we at Encounter Africa safaris do book nkuringo gorilla permits on behalf of our clients who book all inclusive nkuringo gorilla safaris with us. As members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, we have the authority to check nkuringo gorilla permits online anytime and any day and before we confirm any gorilla safari, just know that your nkuringo gorilla permits will be guaranteed.

Accommodation for Nkuringo gorilla safaris or Nkuringo gorilla tours

There several accommodation options available for nkuringo gorilla tours. All ranges of accommodation from Budget, mid-range and luxury can be booked for your gorilla safari. The most popular and luxurious lodge in Clouds mountain gorilla lodge and Nkuringo bwindi gorilla lodge. There other lodges in Nkuringo and Encounter Africa can recommend any once contacted.

Accessing Nkuringo for Nkuringo gorilla safaris and holidays

Funny enough the best way to access Nkuringo region located in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is through Kigali Rwanda as this will help you reduce on the drive time involved. While one can spend 5-6 hours from Kigali Airport Rwanda to Nkuringo, it takes 8-9 hours to drive from Entebbe International Airport to Nkuringo. With the introduction of the east African tourist visa, crossing Uganda and Rwanda has been easy making nkuringo and rushaga more accessible from Kigali. With the increase in the price of Rwanda gorilla permits to USD1500, Rwanda tour operators are taking advantage of the short distance to sell Uganda gorilla treks whose permits cost USD600 for the normal one hour gorilla trek and or USD1500 for the popular four hour gorilla habituation experience in rushaga and nkuringo.

Why book nkuringo gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa Safaris

When you book Nkuringo gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris, you are guaranteed of timely and reliable information and advice you can rely on. We have a reach history of organizing gorilla tours in Uganda and Rwanda as exemplified by our clients reviews on safari bookings and trip advisor. We are members of The Association of Uganda Tour Operators and have vast knowledge and experience in tailoring safaris for our clients. Are your looking for affordable gorilla tours to track nkuringo gorillas? Look no more as Encounter Africa Safaris is here to make your dream come true.

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