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Encounter Africa safaris is glad to announce that there is a new baby gorilla in rushegura family located in the northern part of Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Rushegura family was one of the most preferred gorilla groups when permits where still offered per family and even now when they are issued per region, Rushegura is the most requested. The new baby gorilla in rushegura family was born last Friday 10th November 2016. The new baby gorilla in rushegura family belongs to businza who has so far produced twice. This is very good news to Uganda as well as the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda. Over the last 10 years, Uganda has been leading in mountain gorilla conservation and this new baby gorilla in rushagura family is a reason to celebrate.

News of a new baby gorilla in Rushegura family

Apart from the new baby gorilla in Rushagura family, there has been other babies in other families like Bushaho and Bikingi located in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as in the Nyakagezi gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park. Such news should excite the whole world and place Uganda among the best place to visit and trek gorillas. In the other news, Bushao gorilla family is now ready for trekking while Ruhija region has two new gorilla families in place resulting from the separation of members that used to form Kyaguriro gorilla family.

Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable national Park, Mgahinga National Park as well as Volcanoes National Park. We help you combine gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking with wildlife and community encounters. We book gorilla permits for trekking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, organize your accommodation, park fees, transport at affordable prices. We also encourage our potential clients to take advantage of Uganda low season discounts on gorilla permit in April, May and November 2017.

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