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Myth about gorilla tracking
Myth about gorilla tracking
Many websites talk about gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda, they answer all frequently asked questions and this article is not supposed to dispute any of the discussed and written facts but to add a voice concerning myth about gorilla tracking.

Myth about gorilla tracking

Many tourists who visit Uganda to track mountain gorillas always look forward to seeing as many gorillas as possible. This is because of several reasons such as photography and great experience. Of course they would like to see many you gorillas, juveniles as well as silver and black backs. My interaction with one tourist who had selected Uganda ahead of Rwanda triggered me to write this article. He told me that he had read widely about mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda and he had found out that the latest mountain gorilla census had put gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park at about 400 individuals which is half of all mountain gorillas in the World and that the rest were then shared amongst Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo. After his findings, he therefore decided to trek gorillas in Uganda and in particular Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The myth about gorilla tracking was that, this tourist thought that by choosing Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, he would be able to see all 400 mountain gorillas on his trek. This was however never going to be possible and as such we are here to explain what happens.

Mountain Gorillas live in families of about 4-30 individuals and each family is headed by a dominant silverback who takes care and defends other members of the family until he is too weak to do the job. Tourists who visit Uganda or Rwanda trek a given gorilla family allocated to them. Out of 400 individuals of mountain gorillas, only 11 gorilla families are habituated for gorilla trekking while others are wild gorillas and are not for trekking. It is therefore a myth that when you book permits to trek gorillas in Bwindi will enable you to have a chance to trek and see all the 400 mountain gorillas

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