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Mountain gorilla census 2018 is about to kick off to establish the number of mountain gorillas still available in the whole world. According to reliable information from Uganda Wildlife Authority, the number of mountain gorillas in the world has been increasing steadily due to the positive conservation efforts by the three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo.

The last mountain gorilla census put the number of mountain gorillas at 800 individuals with about 400 mountain gorilla individuals resident in the Bwindi impenetrable National Park while the other 400 mountain gorilla individuals shared amongst three countries of Uganda in Mgahinga National Park, Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and DRC in Virunga National Park.

Overview of mountain gorilla census

Over the last few years after the last mountain gorilla census, the numbers have been increasing especially in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where most of the known habituated gorilla families have given birth to many babies. This mountain gorilla census is geared at establishing whether there was an increase or decrease in the number of mountain gorillas and the best way to conserve them.

Rwanda and Uganda have at all times maintained high standards in as far as mountain gorilla conservation is concerned. This has in turn led to the increase of mountain gorillas in either country. The political situation in the Democratic republic of Congo has however been detrimental to all efforts geared towards mountain gorilla conservation with incidents of tourist and ranger kidnaps being recorded over years. Uganda and Rwanda remain the most safe gorilla trekking countries with gorilla tourism contributing the biggest part of foreign exchange compared to other tourist attractions and activities in Uganda and Rwanda.

Encounter Africa safaris supports this mountain gorilla census 2018 initiative as this will help keep track of the changes in the number of mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla safaris to see mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. For those with less time, you can book our 3 Day gorilla trekking safari from Entebbe, 3 day gorilla trek from Kigali or our 3 day gorilla habituation experience safari to enjoy up to four hours with mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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