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Today we look closely at Mgahinga gorilla permits. Gorilla permits are cards issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority to allow you trek mountain gorillas in Uganda. While mountain gorillas leave in three countries of Democratic republic of Congo in the Virunga National Park, In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Uganda has two National Parks that have mountain gorillas and these are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. For those interested in trekking mountain gorillas in Mgahinga, kindly read this information about Mgahinga gorilla permits.

Price of Mgahinga Gorilla permits

Just like the permits of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda Wildlife Authority charges the same amount/price for Mgahinga. A Mgahinga gorilla permit costs USD600.00 per person per trek in high season while in low season, Mgahinga gorilla permits cost USD450.00. Low season months where discounts are offered are April, May and November the rest of the months, price is USD600.00.

What is included in the price of Mgahinga gorilla permits

A gorilla permit is a permission given to all those interested in trekking gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo. Mgahinga gorilla permits therefore guarantees one to see or trek mountain gorillas for one hour, they include park entry fees for Mgahinga National Park so you do not have to pay extra to enter the park and also includes a Uganda Wildlife ranger/guide who will be with you in the forest looking for gorillas. The gorilla permit also includes security while in the forest as you need this since you will be walking in a forest National Park. Security is in form of UWA armed rangers and tourism police. This therefore means that Mgahinga gorilla permits exclude, transport, meals and accommodation in Mgahinga National Park. This should be booked differently. Encounter Africa Safaris organizes accommodation and transport to Mgahinga for all those that contact us or book permits with us.

How many Mgahinga gorilla permits are available each day.

Unlike Bwindi Impenetrable national Park which has over 13 gorilla families, Mgahinga National Park has only one gorilla family with fourteen members. This means that one each trekking day, 8 gorilla permits are available. This also means that that those interested in trekking gorillas in Mgahinga should endeavor to book their gorilla permits in advance to reduce on chances of losing out. Encounter Africa safaris recommends that you check with them at least three months in advance. If contacted, we will check availability at Uganda Wildlife Authority and advise you accordingly. More details, kindly contact Encounter Africa safaris who will take you through all details.

While Mgahinga National Park is popularly known for mountain gorillas, it’s a place where you can trek golden monkeys, hike the volcanoes of Mgahinga, Muhavura and Sabinyo. Those interested in culture, the batwa walk and experience is an added advantage to those looking at visiting Mgahinga National Park. Mgahinga gorilla trekking can be done through Kigali instead of Entebbe to reduce on the driving time. From Kigali to Mgahinga National Park is approximately 4 hours while it may be over 9 hours from Entebbe International Airport to the Park. For more details about scheduled and private tours to Mgahinga National Park, kindly contact Encounter Africa safaris and we will serve you diligently

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