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Encounter Africa safaris organizes both Luxury gorilla trekking safaris and Budget gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda but this article looks at tips for organizing a successful high end gorilla safari to Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park or Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. When it comes to any African safari, gorilla trekking remains number one activity for tourists visiting Africa. Mountain gorilla trekking can be done in three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Encounter Africa safaris has been leading the way in organizing memorable gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda and our expertise can be seen trip advisor where successful stories are shared.

What Makes or spoils Luxury gorilla trekking safaris

There is nothing hard as organizing Luxury gorilla trekking safaris and excursions in Africa. People who prefer high end services are travelled people and have seen it all. They have been to best hotels all over the world, travelled in best cars, chartered or flew first class where ever they travel and require special attention. While other continents can provide the required standards for these high spending and demanding clients, Africa may not do the same. None the less, Uganda and Rwanda have developed some facilities where such people can be accommodated.

When you contact Encounter Africa Safaris for your luxury gorilla trekking safaris, we will make sure that we book you in high end lodges, transport you in Luxury and comfortable safari vehicles and make most of the items private so make sure that you get maximum satisfaction out of your holiday.

High End gorilla trekking booking process

At Encounter Africa safaris, the client is the boss. All we need from you is the actual information in relation to your Budget, interest and time. Once we have this, our passionate staff will send you a quote with options and advise you accordingly. We will work with you to make sure that all your special requirements are meant before confirmations. We will exhaust all available high end options in form of Lodges, transport and other amenities to make sure we agree on the best option for you.

Once we have agreed on all options interms of your Accommodation and transport to Bwindi impenetrable National Park or Volcanoes National Park, we will reserve as per your interest and then invoice you to make payment.

Trek Bwindi mountain gorillas like a King

For any Luxury gorilla trekking safari to be possible, there is need to book mountain gorilla permits and if possible in advance. Gorilla permits to see mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park as well as Volcanoes National Park tend to sell out quickly and as such they need to be booked in advance. When you book your gorilla permit in Advance, you get a chance to book a region of your choice since Bwindi impenetrable National Park has four regions of Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo. It also helps us to book you in some of the best lodges around Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

On your Luxury gorilla trekking holiday, you have a choice to do a private gorilla trek or join others on the trek. Normally a gorilla family is trekked by a 8 people per day per hour. Where you are booked on a budget or Luxury gorilla trekking tour with Encounter Africa safaris, there will be no exclusivity here since it is a policy of Uganda Wildlife Authority. However those who can afford, you can book all 8 gorilla permits in a given region and you will be given an opportunity to exclusively trek one gorilla permit by yourself. For all those interests in exclusive gorilla trekking make sure that you inform us in advance so that we inform Uganda Wildlife Authority about this.

For those who are interested in spending more hours with mountain gorillas, gorilla habituation experience is the best option for you. This will require us to book you gorilla habituation permits that allow you to spend up to four hours with mountain gorillas in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Still with this, one can do exclusive gorilla habituation experience trek by booking and blocking all the four gorilla permits. Please note that while you book all the permits to allow you trek gorillas exclusively, allocation of a certain gorilla family has to be done on the very day of gorilla trekking. For more details about exclusive gorilla trekking, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sleep like a King on your Luxury gorilla tour to Bwindi or Volcanoes.

Bwindi impenetrable National Park has high end and top notch Luxury Lodges that Encounter Africa safaris works with. Most of these lodges are located in the south and Northern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Buhoma region in the Northern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park has over 6 Luxury and high end lodges which include Sanctuary retreats formerly known as Gorilla Forest Camp, Bwindi Volcanoes Lodge, Mahogany Springs, Buhoma Lodge among others. All those who prefer staying in any of the lodges in the northern part of Bwindi, you need to inform us in advance so that we check availability and book gorilla permits for Buhoma side of Bwindi. In the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park, we have Clouds mountain gorilla Lodge as well as Nkuringo Mountain gorilla Lodge that can be used by our high end clients.

Private and exclusive Lodge occupancy on your trek in Bwindi

For all our top notch and high end luxury gorilla trekking safaris meant for VVIPs, we recommend booking all rooms and services exclusively to yourself. We have done this to all our esteemed clients but this requires you to inform us in time so that we block all rooms for you. Such arrangements are ideal for celebrities who love to tour privately. Contact Encounter Africa Safaris for more details about this arrangement.

Transport for your high end gorilla trekking tours

Encounter Africa safaris has two options for travelling to Bwindi impenetrable National Park for you. You may chose to use road transport or fly to Bwindi impenetrable National Park. If you chose to drive from Entebbe/Kampala or Kigali to Bwindi impenetrable National Park, we will drive you in our Luxury Land Cruisers. Our Luxury Land cruisers are designed for comfort on African roads. They come with a small fridge where soft drinks can be kept for you. They have an inverter for charging phones and small cameras. These are full time 4x 4 Jeeps where everybody is entitled to a window seat. Our Luxury Land cruisers are driven by experience and knowledgeable English speaking driver guides that will be with you on your gorilla trek.

For those who are interested in flying to Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Encounter Africa safaris can organize scheduled or chartered flights to Bwindi impenetrable National Park. There two airfield near Bwindi impenetrable National park where small crafts can land. We have Kisoro Airfield for the southern part of Bwindi and Kihihi Airstrip for the northern and Eastern Part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. From the airstrip, you will be transferred in our Luxury Land cruisers that will stay with you until you leave the lodge.

Medical Evacuation on your high end Private trip to Bwindi

At Encounter Africa safaris, health and safety of our clients matter a lot. All our Luxury gorilla trekking safaris come with a fly doctor medical evacuation package which ensures that evacuation is catered for during your gorilla trekking safari.

Included in our Luxury Bwindi treks to Bwindi impenetrable National Park

All our Luxury gorilla trekking safaris include special meet and great services at Entebbe International Airport. Gorilla permit per person ( 8 Gorilla permits for exclusive gorilla trek) or gorilla habituation permit (4 x permits for exclusive gorilla habituation experience trek), Accommodation in High end lodges on full board basis. Transportation in Luxury 4×4 Land Cruisers driven by experienced driver guides and all park entry fees for Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Our Luxury gorilla trekking holidays exclude international flights, Visa and all expenses of personal nature.

Why book Luxury gorilla trekking tours with Encounter Africa Safaris

Encounter Africa Safaris is an award winning and Destination Management outfit with its offices in Uganda. We have vast experience in organizing amazing and memorable safaris obtained from the so many years of our operation. Encounter Africa safaris puts the interests of our clients first and their satisfaction is prime to us. Get in touch with motivated, young and passionate office staff who will work with you to make sure that your safari fits your interests, budget and time. Encounter Africa safaris is highly recommended on trip advisor as well as safari bookings. Visit our pages to see what other clients say about our service.

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