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Ruhija side of Bwindi Impenetrable will soon have four gorilla families available for trekking after Kyaguriro gorilla family splits into two groups one led by Mukiza which was one of the silver back in Kyaguriro. Whether the new gorilla family will be called Mukiza, that has to be decided by Uganda Willdlife Authority who are in charge of tourism and conservation of all wildlife in National Parks.

Kyaguriro gorilla family located in the Eastern side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was at first reserved for research but when the demand for gorilla permits increased, Uganda wildlife Authority decided to open it for gorilla trekking. From the two gorilla families of Bitukura and Oruzogo, we added Kyaguriro as the third gorilla group. If Kyaguriro gorilla family splits into two groups, we will then have four groups hence increasing the number of permits sold per day to 32 from 24 sold daily for this region.

Available information yet to be confirmed by Uganda wildlife Authority, the in fight started in December 2015 when the two silverbacks fought and split for a short time and reunited shortly. Later in January 2016 following another fight, Mukiza managed to grab 10 members away from the main family to form a new gorilla family led by him. These now two gorilla families are staying closer to each other but have not met or join up for the last three months. They continue to be monitored and if this split becomes permanent then a new gorilla family will be named and may be officially opened for gorilla trekking

What happens when Kyaguriro gorilla family splits.

The splitting of Kyaguriro gorilla family means that more gorilla permits will be available for buying and hence more tourists now trekking in Ruhija side. It means that lodges will benefit from the increased number of tourists hence more bed nights. Encounter Africa safaris will keep you updated on whether this split will be permanent or temporary. If it becomes permanent, it will be given a name yet to be established. Encounter Africa safaris remains the one of the most informed gorilla trekking tour operators in East Africa and should you require any more information, please do contact us

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