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Kibale chimps to be trekked thrice during high season
Kibale chimps to be trekked thrice during high season
New developments are coming up at Uganda Wildlife authority in an effort to satisfy the growing demand for chimpanzee trekking most especially in Kibale Forest National Park in Fort Portal district western Uganda. It should be noted that Kibale Forest National park is one of Africa’s primate hot spot and any tourist interested in primates wishes to trek chimps in Kibale in order to get a chance of spotting other twelve primate species resident in this low land tropical rain forest.

Kibale chimps to be trekked thrice a day in high season

Speaking at The tourism forum organized by Uganda Tourism Association and funded by Uganda Tourism Board and UHOA, the director of Tourism business and development at Uganda Wildlife authority, Mr Raymond Engena anlysed the available statistics from Uganda Wildlife Authority and Ministry of tourism and noted that there was increased demand for chimpanzee permits for Kibale National Park for high season months of June, July, August and September and as such, Uganda Wildlife Authority decided to introduce a third session where tourists will have an opportunity to trek chimps thrice. According to Uganda Wildlife Authority plans, the first session will start at 8:00am, the second session will start at 11:00am and the third session will start at 2:00pm. All these efforts are endeavored to absorb many tourists that turn up during high season and for those that would love to trek chimpanzees in low seasons, a discounted rate of $100 had been slapped on low season chimpanzee permits enabling tourists to save up to $50 per permit bought during April, May and November 2016.

Details on how kibale chimps to be trekked thrice a day in high season will be announced by Uganda wildlife authority while officially launching their new rates come 2016. We at Encounter Africa safaris are very proud to be the first Agency to break such news to both domestic and international audience

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