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Kibale chimp permit top up is yet another topic that we want to discuss extensively. Chimpanzee trekking is the next best primate safari activity after gorilla trekking when it comes to all those interested in visiting destination Uganda. Chimp trekking as an activity can only be guaranteed only if one has reserved or secured chimp trekking permits for Kibale National Park. When it comes to booking chimpanzee permits in Uganda, you don’t need to pay them in full. There is an option of paying 30% deposit and clear the remaining balance at a later stage. This help you to guarantee your chimpanzee trek.

Kibale chimp permit top up procedure in Uganda

Kibale forest is one of the best places to see habituated communities of chimpanzees in Africa. With over 12 species of other primates, Kibale has been named the best place and a primate capital of Africa. Because of this factor, chimp trekking as an activity in kibale tends to be highly competitive as well as chimpanzee permits which tend to sell out quickly. Because of this, one needs to pay for his or her kibale chimpanzee permit in advance in full or partially. By making a deposit, your chimpanzee permits will be reserved and you will be guaranteed of a place after topping up the remaining balance.

When Encounter Africa safaris is contacted, we will check availability of Kibale Chimp permits since we have exclusive access to Uganda Wildlife Authority chimp and gorilla permit data base. Once we find that indeed there Kibale chimpanzee permits on the system, we will inform you and send you an invoice for you to make payment. At this stage and depending on the number of months remaining in the year, you may pay for your Kibale chimpanzee permit partially by depositing 30% of the total chimp permit price and then pay the remaining balance closer to trekking as per terms and conditions set by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

When should the final kibale chimp permit top up be made?

Uganda wildlife Authority has approved a process and procedure on when final top up is to be made of all those that reserve their chimpanzee permits by paying 30%. According to UWA, all kibale chimp permits must be topped up 90 days to the actual trekking day. In other words one is given three months to prepare final payment for his her own chimpanzee permit.

Why is there a deadline when it comes to topping up Kibale Chimpanzee permits?

Initially Uganda Wildlife Authority had relaxed the policy on kibale chimpanzee permit top up where tour companies and individual tourists would top up their chimpanzee permits anytime even one day to trekking. While this looks good, many tour companies started to speculate by paying 30% of permits and failing to pay the final deposit. By doing this, it meant that there were shortage of chimpanzee permits for Kibale for those who would be looking for them and on the final day, there would be space on ground. After a stakeholders meeting, UWA and Tour operators agreed that all those holding kibale chimpanzee permits should top them up 90 days to trekking or else they release them.

What happens when one fails to top up Kibale Chimp permits in time?

There reasons why an individual tourist of company may fail to top up these Kibale Chimp permits in time. One of the reason could be forgetting the date when this top up is due or failing to raise the 70% of the money before deadline day. The other reason could be failing to get clients to take on these permits and the company feels that by topping up will result in a making a loss on behalf of the company. The remedy to this is by writing a formal letter to the Executive director informing him of the reason why you failed to top up in time and requesting for an extension. This may be granted or not so better to try than keeping quite.

It all fails, Uganda Wildlife Authority will release these permits back to the system to be bought by other tourists or tour companies. If this happens, you will stand to lose out on the initial 30% deposit that had been paid to secure these permits. In order to not to lose out, you may decide to put them up for resell and should there any interested party you top them up.

The other solution available for you not to lose out on your permits is by either topping them up and pushing them to another date. Uganda Wildlife Authority allows one to reschedule permits as long as they are topped up. Kibale chimp permits can only be rescheduled once so make sure that you place them on the date you are sure of that you will get people to utilize them.

All the above deadlines are due to high demand that has resulted into shortage of Kibale chimpanzee permits. In order to address this shortage, Uganda Wildlife Authority is habituating more communities of chimpanzees and besides the two sessions that were conducted daily, UWA has added another session making them three now. So we have the morning session, mid morning session and the afternoon session. This has been made in order to create more permits and space for all those interested in trekking kibale chimpanzees.

How can Encounter Africa safaris help in topping up your Kibale Chimp permits?

Encounter Africa safaris is one of the leading tour operators in Uganda and we have gained a positive reputation overtime. We have the capacity to top up reschedule of plan a solution when needed. When you book your Kibale chimp permits with Encounter Africa safaris, we will make sure that we remind you when they are due for top up or even top them up for you as we wait for you to make final payment. In a situation where you fail to honor your final payment, we may resell them on your behalf or reschedule them to dates asked by other clients of ours. We are also in better position to request for an extension of top up date should there be need to do so. This is because we have a good working relationship with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Why book Kibale Chimpanzee permits with Encounter Africa safaris

Encounter Africa Safaris has been allowed for quite some time and our reputation is un questioned. We are Ugandans passionate about Uganda and what she has to offer. We have been working with Uganda Wildlife Authority for over than 15 years and are in a better position to book your chimpanzee permits when ever needed. Encounter Africa safaris is highly recommended on trip advisor as well as safari bookings. We offer affordable and value for money Uganda safaris that include kibale chimpanzee trekking among other exciting activities. Make appoint to contact Encounter Safaris for exciting offers.

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