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Improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is a must if she is going to compete favorably with Rwanda. There only three countries in the whole of Africa and the world where the endangered mountain gorillas live. These countries are Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda, gorillas can be trekked or seen in two national Parks controlled by Uganda Wildlife Authority. These two National Parks are Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In Rwanda, mountain gorillas live in Volcanoes National Park while in the Democratic republic of Congo, mountain gorillas are resident in Virunga National Park.

Rwanda has been for a long time leading in gorilla trekking with many tourists opting to trek gorillas in Rwanda compared to other gorilla trekking nations of Uganda and Congo. Reasons as to why many people have been attracted to trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park include the gorilla and cultural experience in Rwanda, easiness to see or trek given Rwanda gorilla families, short distance or drive from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park among others. Because of these reasons Rwanda has been able to beat Uganda and Congo at their own game. Rwanda has not rested at all. The government of Rwanda has instead shifted to position itself a Luxury Gorilla trekking destination and opted for aggressive marketing as seen by the current campaign that will have the word Visit Rwanda on all first team Arsenal jerseys. Arsenal Football club has an estimated viewership of about 3.5 million people being targeted by Rwanda. Rwanda has also resorted to constructing infrastructures such as Luxury Lodges, Hotels and conference centers as they strategize on attracting Luxury visitors and tourists. While increasing the price of gorilla permits from USD750.00 to USD1500.00, Rwanda will in the near future reap from the benefits of improving gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda.

Importance of improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda

There several advantages of improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda. While Uganda has always been ranked as the second gorilla trekking nation in the world, it has not done all that it takes to become the leading gorilla trekking nation in the world. There is no doubt that Uganda has the highest Number of mountain gorillas with half of these in Bwindi National Park and the rest in Mgahinga. It is also true that the price of gorilla permits is cheaper than that of Uganda. Uganda is relatively politically stable and thus safe for visitors and tourists. Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga can indeed be easily accessed from Kigali which makes Uganda a serious competitor for Rwanda when it comes to gorilla trekking business. That said and done, Uganda has not done much to promote and improve on the gorilla trekking experience. Improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda will lead to increased number of tourists and hence more foreign exchange coming through and into the economy. The trickledown effect will see many people gain through employment opportunities created by gorilla tourism.

Improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda

Uganda has been the leading destination when it comes to creating exciting gorilla trekking experience. Its only in Uganda where one can enjoy four hours with mountain gorillas. At only USD1500.00 per person per trek, one can spend up to four hours with mountain gorillas. When compared to Rwanda where USD1500.00 is spent on just seeing Mountain gorillas, Uganda then stands out. That said and done, Uganda needs to improve on this experience by making it special thus justifying why people should book it instead of going to Rwanda. Suggestions include, providing drinks to people that book gorilla habituation permits, instead of the usual gorilla guides, gorilla habituation experience treks should be guided by may be the Park wardens or Conservation icons such as Gladys Kalema. By improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, more tourists can be attracted as we compete with Rwanda.

Another way of improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is by having daily morning cultural performances and a cup of coffee at both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. This is one of the most exciting part which normally attracts tourists to Rwanda. Before gorilla trekking briefing in Rwanda, there is always a cultural performance from traditional dance groups that excite people. Uganda should copy and do so as to improve on the gorilla trekking experience. A cup of tea is also a plus if provided.

Accessing Bwindi Impenetrable National Park by road has been a nightmare most especially roads closer to National Parks in Rushaga and Ruhija. These roads tend to be impassable most especially during the rainy season and makes the whole experience a hassle.

With the price of Uganda gorilla permits still at USD600.00 per person per trek, improving gorilla trekking experience in Uganda will attract more tourists to the country. Book a 3 day gorilla tour with Encounter Africa safaris and benefit from our hard earned experience in organizing gorilla tours to Rwanda and Uganda. Check out what our clients say about our service on Trip Advisor and Safaribookings. Feel free to Contact us for more details on the best gorilla trekking deals.

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