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Rwanda is by far the leading gorilla trekking nation in the whole world and one wonders how many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda to allow people have enough gorilla passing to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Rwanda is a small land locked country located in East Africa and part of the East African community block. Commonly known as a country with a southern hills, Rwanda has moved from her passed bad memories of the 1994 genocide to become on country with the cleanest city in Africa and the best place to visit habituated mountain gorillas in the wild. Apart from mountain gorillas, Rwanda has wildlife in Akagera National Park, chimpanzee in Nyungwe National Park and water bodies such as Lake Kivu. Encounter Africa safaris offers life changing gorilla trekking experiences and that’s why we are interested in sharing information about how many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda on a daily basis.

How many gorilla permits are available in Rwanda daily?

In all countries that have mountain gorillas, it is a must that each habituated mountain gorilla family must be visited by a maximum 8 people per day and for one hour to make sure that these wild gorillas have enough time to themselves to feed and go about their daily natural activities. Rwanda just like Uganda and Democratic republic of congo adheres to the rule of 8 people per gorilla family.

80 Gorilla permits are available in Rwanda daily

Rwanda has 20 gorilla families located in Volcanoes National Park out of which 10 families are for research and 10 are for gorilla trekking. This therefore means 80 gorilla permits are available on a daily basis to be bought by interested visitors and tourists to come and visit mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This is because each habituated gorilla family must be trekked by 8 people.

Rwanda gorilla permits include one hour with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, park entry fees for one day, services of a ranger and security while in volcanoes National Park. Rwanda development board is the body in charge of transacting and selling mountain gorilla permits in Rwanda. Rwanda gorilla permits excludes transport to and from Volcanoes National Park plus overnight accommodation which can be booked in Ruhengeri or Kigali depending on the number of days one intends to spend on his/her gorilla trek in Rwanda.

How much does Rwanda earn from selling volcanoes National Park gorilla permits?

A gorilla permit in Rwanda to see habituated mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park costs $1500 per person per trek for one hour with wild but habituated mountain gorillas. Rwanda gorilla permits were for a longtime trading at $750 but after some strategic adjustments, the government of Rwanda decided to up the price from $750 to $1500 per permit, increase on promotion and marketing budgets to make sure that Rwanda attracts luxury and quality tourists now and in years to come.

At $1500 per gorilla permit sold, Rwanda aims at generating a hooping $120000 from 80 gorilla permits sold assuming that all 10 gorilla families are fully booked. Just like Uganda, Rwanda has both low and high seasons meaning that on several occasions some gorilla permits are not sold. High season months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February tend to attract many tourists while the rest of the months do not. During high season, Rwanda gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly and one is advised to book these permits in advance. Encounter Africa safaris assists our clients in checking availability, reserving and securing gorilla permits on their behalf as long as you book an all inclusive Rwanda gorilla tour with us.

How does Rwanda government spend monies from permits?

As earlier noted, gorilla tourism is the highest foreign exchange earner for Rwanda and the monies got from sell of gorilla permits is used to develop the country’s infrastructure like roads going to volcanoes National Park and many other tourist sites in Rwanda, the money is also used to assist in mountain gorilla conservation efforts, marketing as well as community development. With this money Rwanda development board is able to run promotional campaigns such us the VISIT RWANDA advert with Arsenal football club among others.

Those interested in trekking Rwanda gorillas in the volcanoes National Park should contact Encounter Africa safaris or any other tour operator to book his/her gorilla permit in advance. All we need is the date/month and year to enable us check the available number of permits on the specified date. Once payment is made, we will ensure that we order or purchase your gorilla permit and if need be, send you scanned copies of receipts.

Further note that gorilla trekking can only be done once in a day and it starts as early as 8:30am with briefing followed by a guided walk into the volcanoes National Park in search for the rare mountain gorillas. Once found, you will be allowed to spend one hour with them taking photographs and observing their behaviors before returning back to the park headquarters for your gorilla trekking certificate.

For more information about available Rwanda gorilla tours at affordable and value for money safaris, contact Encounter Africa safaris on email or phone and we will be glad to provide accurate and timely information to enable you plan your Rwanda gorilla safari with ease. We have a number of safaris listed in our website where you can go and check what fits in your time, budget and interest but should you fail to get what you want, please go ahead and send us an email and we will tailor for you a memorable Rwanda safari experience.

Encounter Africa safaris is one of the few dedicated Safari outfit located in Uganda but offering Uganda and Rwanda as her major safari destination. Over the years, we have managed to execute thousands of gorilla safaris to Uganda and Rwanda and our trip advisor and safari bookings reviews are enough when it comes to our performance. We are committed to sustainable tourism and make sure that a portion of your money goes to wildlife conservation and community projects around Uganda National Parks. When you travel with Encounter Africa safaris, you will indirectly contribute to wildlife conservation and community development.

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