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Never book any gorilla trek in Uganda or Rwanda without guaranteed gorilla permits. Gorilla trekking can only take place or be assured when you have secured and guaranteed gorilla permits for either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Worldwide, gorilla trekking only takes place in three unique African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. At the moment, trekking gorillas in the Congo is a bit risky due to the insecurity in the country. This therefore means that as at Encounter Africa Safaris, we only operate in two African countries of Uganda and Rwanda where we book and guarantee gorilla permits for all our clients.

Encounter Africa Guaranteed gorilla permits

When you read our reviews on Trip advisor or Safari bookings forums, you will realize that Encounter Africa has 100% record of success when it comes to organizing exceptional gorilla tours and holidays with guaranteed gorilla permits for Uganda and Rwanda. We cannot accept your money if there no guaranteed gorilla permits in the aforementioned national Parks in Uganda and Rwanda.

Securing your guaranteed gorilla permits

Whether you contact Encounter Africa for your guaranteed gorilla permits or any other tour operators, we will request you to give us the day, month and year when you want to visit Uganda or Rwanda for gorilla trekking. We will then check availability of Gorilla permits on the specified dates and then get back to you with availability status. If permits are available in Rwanda or Uganda, we will then inform you and then advise on how to make payment for your gorilla permits. As members of AUTO (The Association of Uganda Tour Operators), we are allowed to access Uganda Wildlife Authority data base to check gorilla permits online 24/7. Whether it is a working day or weekend, you are assured of gorilla permit availability checking services. Please note that we only charge for gorilla permits and then work your accommodation and transport around the permits booked for you. Due to the fact that Bwindi has four different regions where gorilla trekking takes place, accommodation and mode of transport with depend on the region where gorilla permits will trek. These regions include Ruhija in the East, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south and Buhoma in the north of Bwindi.

Indicators of guaranteed gorilla permits

If Encounter Africa safaris checks availability of gorilla permits and we find that indeed UWA has permits for your specified trekking day or date, we will ask you to make payment in order for us to secure them for you. Payments can be done by wire transfer or Credit cards. If there no permits in Uganda and Rwanda, we may advise you to change your trekking dates to those with guaranteed gorilla permits. Once you have made payment to us, we will buy them and send you scanned copies for your records and perusal. Normally Uganda gorilla permits are printed out towards trekking day and as such we cannot send you copies but instead receipts.

Guaranteed gorilla permits at Bwindi Park head quarters

In rare circumstances and where there no gorilla permits at UWA head quarters in Kampala, Encounter Africa safaris may call or contact the respective park headquarters in Bwindi directly to see if we can secure your gorilla permits. This is very possible and we have done it successfully on behave of our clients on several occassions. There some families that broke away from their original families and have not been put out for trekking officially. These permits can therefore not reflect on UWA booking system because there are not sure whether these families or members will rejoin each other at any given one time. In this situation, UWA rangers keep monitoring the behavior of these great apes and trekking them means that you have to contact UWA offices in Bwindi. We normally do this in rare occasions.

Enjoy discounted gorilla tours with guaranteed gorilla permits

Encounter Africa safaris organizes affordable and discounted gorilla treks with guaranteed gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda. You can choose our 3 Day gorilla tour starting from Entebbe International Airport or our 3 Day Uganda gorilla tour from Kigali. If interested in sightseeing and other primate adventures, then we recommend our 5 Day gorilla and chimp trekking safaris or 5 Day gorilla and wildlife safari. For those with more days, Encounter Africa can organize and tailor your holiday of up to a whole month since Uganda and Rwanda have lots to see and enjoy.

Guaranteed gorilla habituation permits

For those interested in spending more time with mountain gorillas in Bwindi, you should contact Encounter Africa safaris for guaranteed gorilla habituation permits before hand. Gorilla habituation experience allows you to spend up to four hours with mountain gorillas under habituation. This four hour gorilla trek experience currently takes place in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and only four people are allowed to do this per day. Encounter Africa safaris can organize for you a 3 Day Gorilla habituation experience safari from Entebbe, 3 Day gorilla habituation safari from Kigali or combine both gorilla and chimpanzee habituation experience in our 5 Day gorilla and chimpanzee habituation expedition.

It should be noted that while we are able to book your guaranteed gorilla permits even at short notice, we recommend that you should if possible contact us 3 to 4 month in advance so as we minimize on chances of missing out. Gorilla trekking is one of the most sought after tourist activity in Africa and as such gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly. Gorilla permits are issued on first come first serve with cash payments to Uganda or Rwanda authorities. Please note that Encounter Africa safaris only books gorilla permits for those who book with us all inclusive gorilla tour packages.

Contact us today for the best safari advice and gorilla permits for Uganda and Rwanda. We pride ourselves in organizing memorable gorilla tours that take you to either Rwanda or Uganda to visit the rare mountain gorillas in their nature habitats. Contact us for more details on how to book and guarantee your gorilla trekking holiday and permits. We are highly rated and reviewed on trip advisor and Safari bookings and we remain your trusted and professional tour operator for Uganda and Rwanda gorilla treks.

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