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Guaranteed gorilla habituation permits is the only sure way to know that you will enjoy the new four hour gorilla trek only happening in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. After a thorough research, Uganda Wildlife Authority discovered that many people who visit mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC preferred spending more time with mountain gorillas in the wild or in their natural habitat. Due to the fact that the normal gorilla treks in all countries with mountain gorillas is one hour, Uganda decided to introduce what they called gorilla habituation experience. About two gorilla families located in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Rushaga and Nkuringo can be accessed for gorilla habituation experience daily.

How many guaranteed gorilla habituation permits per day?

Every day, Uganda that goes by,wildlife Authority issues out 4 to 6 guaranteed gorilla habituation permits to those interested in seeing mountain gorillas still under habituation for four hours compared to the normal one hour gorilla trek in Bwindi, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga in the Congo. Due to the fact that Uganda has two gorilla families that have been put aside for this four hour experience, it means that you only have 8 gorilla permits available daily. There is therefore need to book your gorilla habituation experience permit in advance in order to avoid last minute shortage and disappointments.

How to guarantee your gorilla habituation permits

Encounter Africa safaris was one of the first tour operator to take tourists to the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for this four hour gorilla habituation experience. If contacted, you will be assured of guaranteed gorilla habituation permits to see these mountain gorillas under habituation. When you contact Encounter Africa safaris and you express interest in gorilla habituation experience holidays, we will first check availability of permits at Uganda Wildlife Authority for the specified dates. Once we find them, we will advise you accordingly on how to make payment to us. Due to the fact that Encounter Africa safaris has access to Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla permit data base, we are able to hold your gorilla habituation permits for 7 days as we wait for your funds to mature or appear on our bank account. We will then pay and secure your guaranteed gorilla habituation permits before we move to the next stage of organizing other services such as transport and accommodation for you in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Gorilla safaris with guaranteed gorilla habituation permits

Encounter Africa safaris organizes affordable gorilla safaris with guaranteed gorilla habituation permits for you to select from. Please note that we only book gorilla habituation experience permits for only those who book all inclusive gorilla packages with us. We have a couple of packages with prices on our website from which you can select from but we can also tailor or customize a tour depending on your interest, budget and time. When we say all inclusive, we actually mean booking permits, transport, accommodations, park fees with us. We do not book permits alone. We have our popular 3 Day gorilla habituation experience road trip from Kampala or 3 Day gorilla habituation experience flyin safari. You can also check out our 3 day gorilla habituation experience safari from Kigali. You can also combine gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with Game drives and boat cruise Experience in Queen Elizabeth National. You can also combine your four hour trek with chimpanzee habituation experience in the nearby Kibale National Park. Contact us for more details

Why gorilla habituation experience safaris

As earlier explained, gorilla habituation experience safaris allow all those that book them to spend up to four hours with selected mountain gorilla families under habituation. One has to spend USD1500 for a gorilla habituation permit in order to enjoy this experience. Unlike the normal one hour gorilla trek, gorilla habituation experience safaris or treks are guided by UWA guides and experts in habituating wild gorillas to get used to humans. You will not only photograph or observe the behaviors of these gorillas, you will also participate in the activities of the day. These activities may include making calls, collecting specimens, naming gorillas under habituation among other. You can only do this if you have booked and guaranteed gorilla habituation permits for your tour with Encounter Africa safaris.

At Encounter Africa safaris, we also believe that it is much cheaper and value for money to book a gorilla habituation experience with Encounter Africa safaris which will give you up to four hours than paying the same amount of USD1500 for one hour gorilla trek in Rwanda. For more details about gorilla habituation experience in Uganda which gives you up to four hours and Rwanda’s one hour gorilla trek at the same price, please contact us and we will take our time to explain the difference and the advantages associated with each.

Why book gorilla habituation safaris with Encounter Africa

With more than 10 years of designing affordable gorilla safaris, Encounter Africa safaris is your trusted tour operator for your gorilla habituation experience safari. We are members of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) and work closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority. This means that you will be guaranteed of your gorilla permits if you book with us. We are highly reviewed on Trip advisor and Safari bookings. Feel free to contact us for more information about guaranteed gorilla habituation permits as well as our four hour gorilla treks and we will advise you accordingly.

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