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Gorilla trekking Uganda tipping advice
Gorilla trekking Uganda tipping advice
There is no doubt that for a long time gorilla trekking Uganda will remain one of the highlights in as far as tourism activities in Uganda and Rwanda are concerned. Much have been said about mountain gorillas, where they stay, what they eat and all that it takes to booking a gorilla trekking Uganda safari. This article is here to explore options of making your gorilla trekking Uganda experience memorable by giving a smile to those that will be involved at each level of your gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking Uganda tips

Tipping is generally accepted in Uganda and us as a company, it is not a must that tourists on their gorilla trekking Uganda safaris must tip however is involved. Tipping on your gorilla trekking safaris an appreciation of a good service given to you by your guide or waiter and as such, one can tip on hers her own discretion but what is suggested below is just a tipping guideline to help you not to over tip or under tip on your gorilla trekking Uganda safari

Tips to safari guides

We will assign a driver guide who will be with you throughout the whole tour. He will be the one in charge of driving you to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for your gorilla trekking Uganda safari and we recommend that if it is a big group of 4 and above clients, you may choose to tip between 5-10 Dollars per person per day and this should be done at the end of your gorilla trekking Uganda tour. If it is a small group of one to two people, you may choose to tip at your own discretion. Further note that this tip should depend on the services offered to you so feel free to be below or under what we have advised.

Tips to gorilla trekking guides

These are the rangers and guides who will take you to the forest to look for the rare mountain gorillas. We advise that in the interest of gorilla trekking as an activity, each person should tip from 5-15 Dollars in a group of 8 people and this should be placed in the central tipping box found at every Park headquarter or else, it should be given to your lead or head guide who will then divide this tip amongst the whole group that was involved.

Waiters in Lodges

We advise that each guest should tip between two to three dollars per stay and should be placed in a central tipping box so that all can share. Note that while you are seeing waiters, there other people working behind the scene and they also deserve a share.

If it happens that you go with a porter for your gorilla tracking, always remember that an extra tip on top of 15 dollars paid to hire him is always welcome. Anything from 2-3 dollars or more is recommended. Please further note that tipping guidelines differ from one company to another and these apply to us only

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