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On 5th Sept 2015, Ruanda named twenty four baby gorillas in their annual Kwita Izina ceremony held in the northern part of the country. This has put Ruanda on the world map in as far as conservation and promotion of mountain gorillas is concerned. For those preparing to do gorilla trekking in Ruanda in 2016 and 2017, the below information should be read carefully.

Drive time to Volcanoes N P for gorilla trekking in Ruanda

If you fly in to Rwanda through Kigali Airport for gorilla trekking in Ruanda, please note that you will be required to transfer to Volcanoes National Park located in the northern part of Rwanda commonly referred to as Ruhengeri. It takes about two to three driving hours from Kigali city to Volcanoes National Park and depending on your time of arrival, you may transfer directly to Volcanoes National park or spend a night in Kigali town. Rwanda being hilly, fog tend to cover most of the area including roads hence making it sometimes hard to drive more than 40km per hour and as such, those who think that they can drive from Kigali and then arrive in time for gorilla trekking briefing in Ruhengeri/Kinigi may find it hard. It is always better to drive a day before gorilla trekking in Ruanda much as the drive time is not so much.

Permits for gorilla trekking in Ruanda

The price/cost of gorilla trekking Ruanda permits is still at USD750.00 per person and it entitles one to spend one hour with endangered mountain gorillas as well as services of a gorilla guide and park entrance fees. You can contact us with the date you want to trek gorillas in Rwanda and we will check availability and book it for you.

How gorilla families are allocated

There is a criterion for allocating gorilla families in Rwanda. For those interested in gorilla trekking in Ruanda, you should know your interests in advance so that you then find it easy to choose a gorilla family that will provide you with that experience. During briefing, tourists are free to request for a gorilla group of their interest and the rangers will try their level best to get you the best. If you prefer a shorter trek, family with silverbacks, with children etc, feel free to ask for such. For more information about gorilla trekking Ruanda, please do send us an email

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