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Encounter Africa Safaris excels in providing information about gorilla trekking in Uganda. All those that are looking for accurate gorilla trekking information, look no further than our website. In this article, we will focus on gorilla trekking dos and donts so that tourists intending to trek gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda are informed before the actual booking of their gorilla tours. Gorilla trekking is an expensive adventure which should be enjoyed by anyone that engages in it. Having paid for your gorilla permit, accommodation and transport to Bwindi Impenetrable National park or Volcanoes National Park, one needs to be aware of gorilla trekking dos and don’ts.

What are these gorilla trekking dos and donts?

When we talk of gorilla trekking dos and donts, we actually mean that while on your gorilla trek, there rules and regulations that you must follow to enable everyone enjoy the trek without breaking any law or annoying anyone. One of the gorilla trekking dos and donts is that, at all times, you should follow the instructions of your gorilla guide. After briefing, each group of tourists is assigned a lead gorilla guide who will take you to the forest. This guide will be in charge of all your movements while in the forest and as such, he will be instructing you on how to move, behave before, when with gorillas and after your gorilla trek. Following his instructions is very important due to the fact that you are moving in a National Park with many other animals and plants that you need his guidance and knowledge. These guides are well conversant with the behaviors of these animals including mountain gorillas and as such, you need to pay attention to him.

Other gorilla trekking dos and donts include annoying mountain gorillas. Please note that when tourists finally find gorillas. The excitement may cause some problems if not controlled very well. During briefing, most of these issues are always addressed but due to excitement, they may not be observed during the actual trek. Try to keep the minimum recommended distance much as the gorillas are not aware of this. Don’t put on your camera flash while taking your videos or photos, keep tight in a group as you observe the behaviors of these mountain gorillas, avoid direct eye contact with these mountain gorillas and also try to be as accommodative with fellow gorilla trekkers as possible. For more details about gorilla trekking dos and donts kindly contact Encounter Africa safaris or refer to our gorilla trekking rules and regulations on our website

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