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Gorilla tracking and Uganda Visa information

If coming to Uganda for gorilla tracking and other safari activities, you will discover that you will need permission to enter Uganda before even purchasing your gorilla permits at that. Most foreigners will require a visa to enter Uganda and this is very easy to do. There three types of vias that one can apply for while visiting Uganda. These include tourist visa, business visa and east African visa.

Best place to apply for visa

Most people prefer applying for Uganda visa before coming to Uganda yet they can obtain their visas at any entry point to Uganda and in this case Entebbe International Airport. This exercise if very easy and immigrations staff are very helpful. In most cases and depending on your country of origin, they will ask for yellow card certificate, USD50, for your tourist visa, your return ticket and whether you have enough funds to sustain you while in Uganda. Once these are produced, you will be given a visa depending on the number of days you want to stay in the country.

The disadvantage of obtaining your visa at a nearby Embassy or consul in your country is that you will incur costs of transport to and from the embassy as well as providing all necessary documents including passport photos which you do not need to do if you obtain it upon arrival at Entebbe Airport so we do recommend that you obtain you visa at Entebbe Airport rather than wasting your time.

East African Visa

If you are interested in visiting two or three of East African Countries namely Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, you are better off applying for an East African visa which costs USd100 and allows you to visit all three countries. By doing this you would have saved at least 50 dollars. This give you a chance to visit Rwanda for gorilla tracking, Uganda for gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruises on the nile as well as Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park or visiting Kenya for the masai mara experience all using one east African Visa. You can apply this from any of the embassies where you will be starting from and this will help you cross boarders without any hassle. If you want any supportive documents, we will be willing to help you. Please contact our office for any advise concerning Uganda visa.

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