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Gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris are well planned to cater for personal interest budget and time. Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla safaris to three countries that have mountain gorillas in the whole world. Gorilla safaris by Encounter Africa safaris will either have you visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively.

Why book gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa Safaris

There so many reasons why one should book gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa Safaris. We have been around for quite some time and we have built the necessary required capacity handle all inquiries related to both Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris. Our staff both office and field are among the best you can find in Uganda. They will give you the advice that you need to plan your gorilla safari to Rwanda and Rwanda. From the inquiry stage up to confirmation, our dedicated office safari consultants will provide relevant information which you will find useful all the way. While on your gorilla safari with Encounter Africa safaris, we will assign you one of our well trained professional guides knowledgeable in Uganda or Rwanda’s culture, flora and fauna.

Advantages of booking gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris

There so many advantages of booking gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris among which include benefiting from our affordable safari prices. At Encounter Africa safaris, we are much aware of the sensitivity associated with safari costs and we endeavor to work within the budget of our potential clients. We tailor safaris to suite your budget, time and interest. Whether you are a budget traveler or luxury, you will find our prices pocket friendly and value for money. Try us and you will not regret.

Encounter Africa safaris organizes all inclusive gorilla safaris to Rwanda and Uganda. This means that we will handle all gorilla safari components ranging from transport, accommodations, all meals, park entry fees, fuel among others. We arrange and secure gorilla permits for trekking gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Most of our packages have no hidden costs and we make sure that all our gorilla safari packages offer an experience of a life time.

When you book gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris, you are rest assured that you will be contributing to the well being of local Ugandans and Rwandans. Encounter Africa safaris is 100% owned and run by Ugandans. We employ Uganda safari consultants and guides who have that extra love and knowledge about their country. Most lodges included in our gorilla safari packages are owned and run by Uganda and Rwanda local entrepreneurs ready to give you that authentic Uganda and Rwanda experience. This therefore means that the money paid for your gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris trickles down the local people hence attracting them to conserve nature as well as their culture. We also encourage our clients to visit the local communities through village walk and volunteer work.

Booking a gorilla safari with Encounter Africa safaris helps us to further our social responsibility. Encounter Africa safaris supports Education through Sports. We believe that children and students have a right to play and excess in their respective sport. Encounter Africa safaris injects some funds to promote football, netball and motor cross championships in Uganda. This is geared at making sure that these school going children grow their talents which may help them in the near future. Encounter Africa safaris also trains over 30 university students majoring in Tourism and hospitality courses. Our internship program is geared at training and skilling graduates in areas of tourism so as to professionalize our tourism sector in Uganda and Rwanda. By booking gorilla safaris with Encounter Africa safaris, you are rest assured that you will be contributing to sports and skilling projects for the locals.

Encounter Africa Safaris is your trusted partner when it comes to organizing Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris. We are a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), and we work closely with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and almost all Lodges and Hotels in Uganda and Rwanda. This therefore means that when you book a gorilla tour with Encounter Africa Safaris, you will be guaranteed of affordable prices, gorilla permits as result of our long and good working relationship with organizations that matter. We are highly recommend on safari bookings as well as Trip Advisor. Contact us today for a gorilla safari and you will not regret at all

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