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There has been some media reports that Uganda wildlife will out source the booking and selling of gorilla permits to AUTO which is the association of Uganda Tour operators as reported by the Daily monitor but this will not be the case. As usual, tour operators under their association will continue to promote and market Uganda as a tourist destination of which gorilla tracking as an activity is one of the selling point but gorilla permits will still be under Uganda Wildlife Authority. All tour operators belonging to AUTO or not will continue to book and purchase their gorilla permits from UWA head office in Kampala thus gorilla permits are still under UWA.

Gorilla permits still under UWA

A memorandum of understanding that was signed between UWA and AUTO was kind of away where Uganda Wildlife Authority is trying to give back to AUTO members since they are the ones that buy majority gorilla permits. In this MOU, Uganda Wildlife Authority will reward AUTO for every 30 gorilla permits bought by its members and this will be done after three months. AUTO will then decide on how to sell the three gorilla permits to its members. The money from these permits (three permits) will then help AUTO to market and promote Uganda as a great tourism destination.

Initially, UWA used to give AUTO ten dollars per permit booked by tour operators and this money would then help to run the day today operations of the organization. However, this was stopped causing the relation between AUTO and UWA to go sour. With the coming in of new Administration at AUTO, negotiations were started which later resulted into the signing of an MOU.

All those interested in tracking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park should thus continue to book through AUTO members who will then contact UWA reservations just like how it has been. For more information about gorilla permits still under UWA, do not hesitate to contact us

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