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A gorilla permit is an important integral part of gorilla trekking holidays in Uganda and Rwanda. For anyone to be allowed to track mountain gorillas a permit must be secured and in this article we will explore gorilla permit frequently asked questions so that those interested in gorilla trekking can get to know all details.

Gorilla permit frequently asked question

What is a gorilla permit?

One of the gorilla permit frequently asked question is: What is a gorilla permit? There is no specific definition for this but this is simply a document or card that allows one to trek endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park or Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. It states the date of gorilla trekking, region where you will trek and the amount you about it

What is included in a gorilla a permit?

Another gorilla permit frequently asked question is what is included. A gorilla permit includes one hour with the gorillas. You can just observe them or take photos and videos. Once one hour elapses, you then return back to the park headquarters where you will be awarded a certificate. A gorilla permit also includes services of a Ranger guide who will escort you from the starting point to the gorillas. These ranger guides are very knowledgeable about gorilla trekking and will help you to maneuver through the forest until you reach a given family or group of habituated gorillas. Included in a gorilla permit is park fees. To enter any national park in Uganda and Rwanda, one is required to pay fees but with a gorilla permit, you do not need to pay any extra park fees as it is included. Please note that with your gorilla permit, you are entitled to security why in the forest and this is provided by armed rangers as well as Uganda Tourism police

What is excluded in a gorilla permit?

This is a very important and frequently asked question about gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda. As noted above, a gorilla permit includes spending one hour with a given family of habituated mountain gorillas, services of a ranger guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority of Rwanda development board depending on which country you intend to trek gorillas. A gorilla permit excluded accommodation in Bwindi NP, Maghinga and or Volcanoes National Park. You must also organize transport to and from the gorillas as well as you food or meals

How much is the cost of a gorilla permit

One of the gorilla permit frequently asked question is the price or cost. The price of a gorilla permit keeps on changing both in Rwanda and Uganda but currently the official price of a gorilla permit is USD600 in Uganda and USD750 in Rwanda. Unlike Rwanda, Uganda offers discounted gorilla permits during low seasons of April, May and November where a gorilla permit cost only USD450.00 for foreign nonresidents and USD400 for Foreign residents in East Africa. You therefore get an opportunity to save up to USD150 when you track gorillas in low season months

When to book a gorilla permit

A gorilla permit to trek habituated mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda can be booked anytime. Gorilla trekking is one of the most sought after tourist activity and as such, gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly mostly during high season months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February of each year. To avoid disappointment, we at Encounter Africa Safaris encourage our clients to book their gorilla permits at least three months in advance. Of course we also receive last minutes gorilla tour requests and we can only confirm such trips after checking gorilla permit availability.

Where can I book a gorilla permit?

Gorilla permits for Uganda are issued by Uganda wildlife Authority while gorilla permits for Rwanda are under Rwanda development board. Encounter Africa safaris can book you a gorilla permit at no extra cost if you book a tour with us. All you need to provide us with are the exact trekking date, your passport copy and we will book for you a gorilla permit. Of course you will have to pay for your gorilla permit by wiring funds to our Bank Account or credit card and then we will pay for it at Uganda Wildlife Authority or Rwanda Development Board

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