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Gorilla habituation experience is the newest and hottest tourist activity on the world scene having been introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority in early 2015. One requires a gorilla habituation permit to participate in this activity. Only taking place in one national park in the whole world, Gorilla habituation experience has a minimum number of six people who will spend four hours with habituated mountain gorillas in the wild. Gorilla habituation experience takes place in the southern side of bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Rushaga) where two mountain gorilla groups are still under habituation and thus allowing interested tourists to join researches as they go on with their daily work.

How to book a gorilla habituation permit

For one to book a gorilla habituation permit, you may contact Encounter Africa safaris or any other tour operator of your choice about your request. If you contact Encounter Africa safaris, you will just need to provide us with the actual date when you intend to participate in gorilla habituation experience. Once we have this information, we will then contact Uganda Wildlife Authority about the availability of space on that particular day. Once there is availability, we will get back to you with all the information. Gorilla habituation permits just like gorilla permits need to be booked at least three months in advance so that you start planning on other services. We will send you an invoice to pay for your gorilla habituation permit and once we receive your funds, we will go ahead and book it for you. Remember that your passport details will also be required since Uganda Wildlife has to keep your records for reference.

Cost (Price) of a gorilla habituation permit

A gorilla habituation permit currents costs USD1500.00 per person and this price includes spending four hours with a given mountain gorilla family under habituation. It also includes a guide as well as park entry fees. All other requirements are the same as those of gorilla trekking the only difference being the hours you spend with mountain gorillas. Encounter Africa safaris has put together several gorilla habituation packages and if interested, kindly let us know so that we book you on one of them.

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