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Gorilla habituation safaris are likely to attract many people to come to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park but just like gorilla trekking, gorilla habituation experience has some terms and conditions before one is allowed to participate in it. One of the core terms and condition is gorilla habituation minimum age limit. Before planning to come to Uganda for this activity as an individual, group of family, one needs to examine the age of people in his or her group.

Reasons for enforcing Gorilla Habituation minimum age

Uganda Wildlife Authority has put gorilla habituation minimum age limit at 15 years and above for one to be allowed to book any habituation safari to Rushaga in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park. It is said and has been proved that children and infants below the age of 15 years should not be allowed to interact with the endangered mountain gorillas through trekking or habituation experience due to the fact that their reaction and behavior after meeting these giant primates may not be predictable. They may make noise, cry or do any funny thing which may result in the fuming of mountain gorillas under habituation. It’s for this and other reasons that Uganda Wildlife Authority has to enforce gorilla habituation minimum age to avoid anything that may result in such visitation by children.

Gorilla habituation minimum age limit is further enforced due to the fact that children aged 15 years and below carry communicable diseases which may easily be transmitted to mountain gorillas when they get into contact with them. It’s should be noted that under normal conditions, one is supposed to keep a distance of at least 7 meters away from mountain gorillas but practical observations have proofed that its actually mountain gorillas that push their way to get closer to tourists making it hard to keep at the required distance.

Before you book your gorilla habituation permit, make sure that everybody in your group is aged 15 years and above. Uganda Wildlife Authority is very strict on this and will go a long way to make sure that one proves his or her age in case of any doubt. They may decide to ask for your birth certificate to prove that you have the right age to allow you participate in gorilla habituation experience. For more information about gorilla habituation minimum age limit and other frequently asked questions, contact Encounter Africa safaris.

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