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Gorilla habituation experience is the new thing when it seeing mountain gorillas. We at Encounter Africa Safaris were the first to write about it and now we provide all options of how to enjoy it. In this article our emphasis is gorilla habituation experience through Kigali Rwanda. Gorilla habituation experience is a new product in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that allows a small group of four people to spend four hours with semi habituated mountain gorillas or mountain gorillas still under habituation so that they can get used to human beings in the long run. At the moment, gorilla habituation experience permits cost USD1500.00 per person and included park fees, watching gorillas for four hours, practically participating in mountain gorilla habituation process as you listen to informative talks from researchers and all those involved in habituation.

Why gorilla habituation experience through Kigali Airport in Rwanda

There several reasons why one should do gorilla habituation experience through Kigali Airport Rwanda. It should be noted that gorilla habituation experience tours and safaris only happen in Uganda and in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The southern part of Bwindi (Rushaga and Nkuringo are closer to Rwanda or Kigali Airport that Entebbe Airport. For those interested in gorilla habituation experience safaris should therefore opt to use Kigali Airport in Rwanda rather that Entebbe. From Entebbe Airport to the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is about 8-9-10 hours while from Kigali Airport in Rwanda to Rushaga or Nkuringo is approximately 5-6-7 only. Therefore doing gorilla habituation experience through Kigali helps you to reduce the drive time to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Encounter Africa Safaris is leading the way in organizing affordable gorilla habituation experience through Kigali Airport as well as from Entebbe Airport. We organize and book your gorilla habituation permits, accommodation and meals as well as transfer, transport to and from Kigali International Airport.

The East African tourist visa is also making gorilla habituation though Kigali very easy. With this East African tourist visa, tourists can now visit the countries of Uganda, Rwand and Kenya using one visa. Thus one pays USD100 and can traverse these three countries without hassle. We therefore encourage those interested in doing gorilla habituation experience safaris through Rwanda to take advantage of the East African tourist visa. Kigali is one of the cleanest cities in Africa and by passing through Rwanda, you will have an opportunity to enjoy it and if you have some spare time, you may also visit the Genocide Memorial Center. For more information on how to organize gorilla habituation experience tours through Kigali Rwanda, do not hesitate to contact Encounter Africa safaris.

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