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Gorilla guides and trekking in Uganda and Rwanda

All gorilla trekking activities in Uganda and Rwanda are conducted and guided by well trained gorilla guides by Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development board. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda have a sizeable number of mountain gorilla guides whose work is to take tourists to trek mountain gorillas in these two respective national Park. Most of these guides are those who have grown up near these forests. Much as Uganda Wildlife Authority keep on rotating her staff, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is slightly a bit different. Read more information on gorilla guides and trekking in Uganda

Advanced gorilla trekking group

In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park, there is always a group of guides and rangers who will always wake up early in the morning to follow different gorilla families to find out where there are. Normally mountain gorillas migrate to a new place every day where they start planning to build their nests and this advanced group of rangers and guides must find these gorillas so that they shorted the distance and time that is supposed to be walked by trekkers or tourists. Therefore, a day in a life of a gorilla guide starts very early at five or six pm to start this activity. Once they have found the gorillas, they will keep monitoring them to observe their behaviours, movements, and then communicate with park head quarters about where to find them. With change in gorilla family allocation, its from now that those briefing clients will then start allocating tourists depending on their interests. A gorilla family that will be found close will be allocated to those that are weak, elderly and then families that will be found far away will be allocated to the young people or those physically fit people that need longer treks. The issue of whether the trek wil be short or long depends on many factors and there will be no guarantee that when tourists are promised to trek a nearby gorilla group, the trek will be indeed shorter. This is because that particular gorilla family may be closer but suddenly start moving faster due to factors such as looking for food, gorillas being scared by un habituated gorillas groups among others. This is a call to all tourists that they need to prepare for both short and long treks as there is no guarantee what so ever. The only positive thing out of either a short or long trek is that the experience of finding and staying with mountain gorillas for an hour is truly rewarding.

Gorilla guides who move with tourists

Tourists are supposed to assemble at the Park headquarters in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park or Mgahinga National Park. A gorilla guide has to prepare his/her notes as he is required to take tourists through a briefing session about the dos and don’ts while with mountain gorillas. He has to keep in touch with the advanced group to see where they are likely to find the gorillas. Once the briefing session ends, these gorillas guides will either start the trek from the park headquarters or instruct tourists to be driven to starting points which are always away from the park headquarters. Once the trek starts, the gorilla guide has to provide information about Uganda, flora and fauna as they move along. This means that they have to be well informed to keep tourists entertained. He has to make sure that all rules and regulations for gorilla trekking are observed and that the group moves at the pace of the slowest person. In an event that there elderly or lame people, the guide is supposed to advise such clients to take porters or sedan chairs to ease their work. Once they are with the gorillas, the guide has to issue out proper guidelines on how to behave while with gorillas and after one hour, the guide has to lead the group back to the head quarters for them to be awarded certificates before returning to their respective lodges.

Doing guiding and taking tourists to the forest for trekking gorillas is not such a simple task and Uganda wildlife Authority has to make sure that guides are rotated so that they can have some days to relax. We always recommend our visitors to come with some tips in order to motivate these hard working guides and the advanced group.

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