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Encounter Africa safaris is the leading fixer company in Uganda and we endeavor to provide relevant and accurate information to our clients be it tourists or media and filming companies. Mountain gorillas are some of the most expensive creatures to film in Africa. Many companies such as BBC, National Georgraphic studious and many others have done shoots and documentaries on mountain gorillas and Encounter Africa safaris is absolutely open to helping other filming companies with information about mountain gorilla filming permits and other requirements needed to accomplish this.

Details on how to process gorilla filming permits

To film mountain gorillas, an individual or filming company requires gorilla filming permits to access or be allowed to do the filming. Not many countries are home to mountain gorillas and as such, for those intending to do any filming of mountain gorillas in their nature habitat have only three options of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Out of the three countries, we recommend filming in Uganda and Rwanda where there is relative peace and stability established by the two strong presidents in the names of Mr Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame. In Uganda and Rwanda, there well established conservation efforts for mountain gorillas and good filming polices are also in place.

You need gorilla filming permits issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority if you are to film mountain gorillas and gorilla filming permits from Rwanda Development board if you intend to film mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This is because Uganda Wildife Authority and Rwanda development board are the two bodies that are in charge of mountain gorilla national parks in either countries. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Parks are in Uganda while Volcanoes National Park is in Rwanda. These three National Parks have families of habituated mountain gorillas that can be accessed for filming. Encounter Africa safaris is glad to work with you on processing gorilla filming permits for your company to enable you film mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda.

In Uganda, any company will be required to sign a memorandum of Understanding with Uganda wildlife Authority in order to obtain gorilla filming permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National park and or Mgahinga National Park. The fact that Encounter Africa safaris is a local destination outfit, it can help you secure gorilla filming permits for either Uganda and Rwanda. For us to do this, we will send you an official form from Uganda Wildlife Authority, which you will have to fill, scan and return it to us. Its from this that Uganda Wildlife Authority will estimate the filming costs involved. You will also need to provide a cover letter indicating that you have authorized Encounter Africa safaris to work on your behalf in processing your gorilla filming permits and with this, it will take about 4 working days to have your gorilla filming permits from Uganda Wildife Authority.

Other requirements apart from gorilla filming permits include media cards, clearing your filming equipment into Uganda through customs, booking accommodation and transport. Encounter Africa safaris is proud to organize all this on your behalf

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