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Have ever thought of booking golden monkey safaris and you are not sure of what to do? Golden monkey safaris can be organized and done in two National Parks of Uganda and Rwanda. Its only in Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes National Park where gold co-exist with silver. In other words, its where golden monkeys and mountain gorillas (silverbacks) stay together in their nature habitats. Golden monkeys just like other primates are endangered species and all efforts have been put in place to protect them. Encounter Africa safaris provides you with an opportunity to visit these rare but lovely creatures in Uganda and Rwanda.

Requirements for successful golden monkey safaris

As earlier mentions, golden monkey safaris only take place in Uganda (Mgahinga National Park) and Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) in East Africa where families of habituated golden monkeys exist. Encounter Africa safaris organizes golden monkey safaris to its clients if contacted. For a successful golden monkey holiday, one needs to acquire a golden monkey permit, book his accommodation and transport to and from Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Park.

Golden monkey permits

You need a golden monkey permit to be allowed to visit or trek these rare primates in Uganda and Rwanda. Golden monkey permits can be booked through any tour operator just like Encounter Africa safaris does to its clients. Golden monkey permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority in the case of Uganda (Mgahinga National Park) and OTRPN in the case of Volcanoes National Park. The price of golden monkey permits keep changing but currently (2018-19), Mgahinga golden monkey permits cost USD50 and those of Rwanda cost USD100. When contacted, Encounter Africa safaris will check availability of Uganda and Rwanda golden monkey permits and secure them for you. Encounter Africa safaris can only book for you golden monkey permits when you book an all inclusive tour with us. Kindly note that we do not book golden monkey permits separately or alone.

Included in our golden monkey safaris

Encounter Africa safaris organizes all inclusive safaris and our golden monkey safaris will include, golden monkey permits, accommodation and transport to and from Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Park. If interested in trekking Mgahinga golden monkeys, we recommend staying near Mgahinga National Park or Kisoro town. Mgahinga National Park does not have many accommodation options and thus Kisoro town acts as an alternative when it comes to accommodation or lodging. For those interested in up market Lodges on your golden monkey excursion, Mgahinga Volcanoes Lodge is the best place for you. If you intend to stay in a budget but value for money accommodation property, then Kisoro travelers Inn will suite your needs. Encounter Africa safaris will endeavor to arrange accommodation that suites your interest and budget. Encounter Africa safaris golden monkey safari holidays also include transport to Mgahinga or Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. We can organize both land transport and fly in golden monkey safaris if contacted.

Add-ons to you golden monkey safaris

Golden monkey safaris or excursions are normally half day activities and as such, one may need to add on other activities while in Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes National Park. One of the prominent activity in these two national Parks is gorilla trekking. It is therefore quite interesting to combine your golden monkey trip with mountain gorilla trekking. Again, Encounter Africa safaris will help you secure your gorilla and golden monkey permits as long as you book an all inclusive safari with us.

Another add-on to you golden monkey safari while in Mgahinga is the batwa experience or Batwa walk. The Batwa are a minority ethnic group that used to stay in Mgahinga National Park before it was officially declared a national Park. When Mgahinga National Park was officially gazetted, the batwa had to be re allocated and resettled elsewhere. However, a trail has been created in Mgahinga National Park where these batwa can take you to show you where they used to stay, how they used to gather fruits and hunt. They will dance and show off their culture. Batwa experience is highly recommended to tourists.

Golden monkey habituation experience safaris.

Besides golden monkey safaris, one can also book golden monkey habituation experience safaris. Golden monkey habituation experience holidays are only exclusively conducted in Mgahinga and the experience goes beyond just seeing golden monkeys but getting involved in activities geared towards making these golden monkeys get used to human beings. At the moment, golden monkey habituation experience permits cost USD100 (2019-20) and can be booked at Uganda Wildlife Authority head office in Kampala.

FAQ about golden monkey safaris

For more information about golden monkey safaris, you should not hesitate to contact Encounter Africa safaris for details. Whether you want to know, the minimum age for golden monkey trekking, best time to visit golden monkeys, what to pack for your golden monkey safari, chances of seeing these golden monkeys and so much more, do not hesitate to contact Encounter Africa Safaris

Why book your golden monkey safaris with Encounter Africa safaris

Encounter Africa safaris is one of the leading and most experienced tour operators for Uganda and Rwanda. Our experience and quality services speak for themselves. Kindly check out our reviews on trip Advisor as well as Safari bookings to find out what our former clients say about our service. We offer affordable and competitive prices to all those that contact us and you too can benefit from our pre tour information and arrangements.

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