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Giraffes to control acacia hockii spread in Lake Mburo NP

>Uganda wildlife Authority has promised to restock Lake Mburo National Park with twenty giraffes so that it can attract more tourists to this small national Park. A team of ranges and veterinary from Murchison Falls National park and Kenya tourism services are pioneering this project to see that it is a success.

It should be noted that Lake Mburo National Park which is the closest National Park from Kampala capital city and a good place to break your long journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to trek gorillas once had these giraffes but in the late 1960’s they were declared extinct due to several facts ranging from human and wildlife conflicts in and around Lake Mburo National Park.

Experts say that relocation of these giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park to lake Mburo National park may take about one month since it is sensitive. Some rangers from Murchison Falls national park and Kidepo valley national park will be employed to oversea giraffes in Lake Mburo National park since these two national parks are the only ones where giraffes have been living. To make sure that these giraffes get used, a boma has been constructed in lake mburo national parks where these giraffes will be kept for three weeks before they are introduced to the wild.

Lake Mburo has been known as a park for impalas and Zebra but with the arrival of the long towering creatures will change the whole image and Uganda Wildlife Authority feels that this will bring more tourists and visitors to Lake Mburo National Park hence more earnings from both domestic and foreign tourists. With Acacia Hockii threatening to occupy all park land, their introduction will help to reduce it down since it is food for giraffes and has been surviving due to the fact that giraffes which used to feed on them were declared extinct in the late 1960’s.

Having a volatile community around lake Mburo national park was one of the hinderances facing the park but with changes in policy where the park shares some revenue with the locals and also allowing them to use park resources such as the lake for water and land for grazing their cattle, relationship between the park and the local communities have improved thereby creating an enabling environment to develop and restore lake Mburo National park to its past glory.

If this is achieved then we expect more clients to visit lake mburo national parks to participate in activities such as game drives, boat cruises on the lake, night game drives, safari walks in the wild which are fully escorted by ranger guides, horse back riding in the nearby Mihingo lodge, cultural walks and encounters, visit to local farms to see the famous long horned Ankole cattle and so much more. We look forward to see how the local community will react to this and how the giraffes themselves will adopt to this new environment. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

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