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Fine or Penalty for late rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda has been introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority on their 2020-2021 tariffs. According to the new regulation by Uganda Wildlife Authority late rescheduling of gorilla permit will attract or will be charged 25% of the permit fee. This is to alert all those buying and planning to move Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park gorilla permits to do in time in order to avoid this fine as a result in the delay to move gorilla permits from one date to another.

History of the fine or penalty for late rescheduling of gorilla permits.

Gorilla permits are tickets that allow human beings or tourist to visit mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park as well as Virunga National Park for one hour. In this one hour, you are allowed to take photographs and observe the behaviors of these wild creatures. After your gorilla trek, you are awarded a gorilla trekking certificate as recognition of your effort to contribute to the conservation of these mountain gorillas since a certain percentage of the gorilla fee is dedicated to the conservation of mountain gorillas in Uganda Rwanda and democratic republic of congo.

When gorilla trekking had started in Uganda just like in the rest of the three countries where mountain gorillas live, there was no chance to move gorilla permits from one date to another date. In other words gorilla trekking dates were always fixed and one could not do any reschedule. This strictness about gorilla permit reschedule was revisited by Uganda Wildlife Authority and introduced some flexibility were tour operators and individuals could move permits from one date to another.

Late rescheduling of gorilla permits only applies to those who would like to move gorilla permit from one date to another on last minute. All those that apply to move their booked gorilla permits from one date to another two weeks before the actual gorilla trekking date are not affected by this fine. The fine for late rescheduling of gorilla permit only affects those that want to move permits 8 days closer to the trekking dates.

Procedure of rescheduling gorilla permits in Uganda-Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park.

There is an agreed way of rescheduling gorilla permits as stipulated by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Please note that gorilla permits are always booked in advance in order not to lose out. Gorilla permits can be booked a year or two in advance by tour operators on behalf of their clients or individuals directly from UWA. During this time, so many things can happen including sickness of the person or any un expected circumstances.

Should anything happens that necessitates changing of dates of trekking, the affected part will have to write formally to Uganda Wildlife Authority specifically to the Executive Director expressing their desire to change from one date of trekking to another. The later should be able to show how many permits need to be moved, dates of the actual dates and the new dates where permits should be moved. The one in charge of moving these gorilla permits should be able to explain the cause or need to move these permits to another by giving or providing evidence to this effect.

This official letter can be sent physically to Uganda Wildlife Authority head office or sent as an attachment on an email. One needs to follow up to ensure that the letter is received and auctioned. Once the letter is received in the office of the Executive director, the reschedule may be granted or denied. If permission is granted, the IT section of Uganda Wildlife Authority will be notified and they will move your gorilla permits from the old dates to the new date. Once this is done, UWA will write back to you informing you about the changes made and you will pick your acceptance later from the head of reservations at Uganda Wildlife Authority.

When any booking of gorilla permits is made, a ID or identification number is generated and indicated on the receipt issued to you when you first bought these permits. When permission is granted, you will have to produce this receipt with this ID so that it is changed in the system. A new ID will be generated for your records and perusal. Further note that if you reschedule your gorilla permits before two weeks to trekking there will be no fine or penalty. The fine for late rescheduling of gorilla permits only apply when you do this on last minute.

Terms and conditions of rescheduling Uganda gorilla passes

For late rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda, one has to pay 25% of the total cost of the permit. Gorilla permits price for the financial year 2020-21 is USD700 effective July 1st meaning that if you buy a gorilla permit and you want to do a late reschedule, you will have to pay 25% of USD700 which is USD175. In order to avoid this, please make sure that you request for changing dates in time.

All gorilla permits to be rescheduled, the owner must ensure that they are all topped up. In other words Uganda Wildlife Authority will require you to have made 100% payment. Uganda Wildlife Authority allows individuals and tour operators to pay 30% of the total gorilla permit price and then top up the 70% three months to trekking date. If dates change and you want to reschedule your gorilla permits, you will have to make sure that you top them up and then request for a reschedule with a formal letter addressed to the Executive director.

It should also be noted that Uganda gorilla permits can only be rescheduled once. In other words, make sure that your office staff are aware of this so as not to make mistakes in booking and expect mercy from Uganda Wildlife Authority. When you book your gorilla tour with Encounter Africa safaris, we will make sure that we get the right dates from you so that we do not book your gorilla permits on a wrong date.

For one to reschedule your gorilla permits to another date, Uganda Wildlife Authority has to make sure that the new date has availability or space. If you book your gorilla permits with encounter Africa safaris, you will first check availability of space on the new dates and then advise accordingly. If there is no space on the new dates, we may advise you to consider other dates before or after the desired date or change

Causes of penalty for late rescheduling of gorilla permits in Uganda.

There several causes of gorilla permit rescheduling in Uganda. These are situations that necessitate tour companies or individuals to change their date of trekking. One of the reasons may be sickness, death or change of flights. Whichever reason it could be, it will be possible to change the date as long as you inform us in advance and if not 25% fine will apply accordingly.

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