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Uganda wildlife authority has introduced fine for late gorilla habituation permit reschedule effective 1st July 2020. This penalty only applies when one reschedules his or her gorilla habituation experience permits late or on last minute. Gorilla habituation experience is a one in a million tourist activity that only takes place in Uganda. For one to be able to do gorilla habituation experience safari, he or she will need a gorilla habituation experience permit issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

How much is the fine for late gorilla habituation permit reschedule?

Uganda Wildlife Authority has set the penalty or fine for late gorilla habituation permit reschedule at 25% of the total cost of the permit. UWA normally changes or reviews the price of gorilla habituation permits every two years but currently the price of gorilla habituation experience permit stands at $1500 per person for a four hour trek. For anyone who would like to do a late change of date from one trekking date to the other will be required to pay a fine equivalent to 25% of the price. These therefore means that on top of $1500 initially paid for the permit, you will be required to add $375 to change your gorilla habituation permit from the old date to a new date. This is expensive and should always be avoided at all costs. If you get any issue with your dates, please feel free to contact our staff at Encounter Africa safaris.

How to pay fine for late gorilla habituation permit reschedule

There is a set procedure for making payment of your penalty for late gorilla permit rescheduling. If you discover that you need to reschedule your permit, you will be required to write an official letter to the Executive director requesting his office allow you to change dates of your permit. Once permission is granted, the IT department will be told to make the reschedule and you will receive confirmation in writing from the head of reservations at Uganda Wildlife Authority. Payments are done by bank and receipt must produced to this effect.

Why is there late rescheduling of four hour gorilla trekking permits?

In this travel business, there things that cannot be avoided. According to Uganda Wildlife Authority, one is supposed to book permits for a specified date. For example, if booking your permits with Encounter Africa, you will have to provide us with the date, month and year when you want to spend time with mountain gorillas. Once we have the above details, we will check availability and get back to you. At this point, you will be requested to make payment either by bank transfer, credit card and or cash. We will then go ahead and pay for your permit at Uganda wildlife Authority head office and send you scanned copies of your receipt. Depending on the time of the year, Encounter Africa safaris reserves the right to deposit 30% of the permit price and pay the rest 3 months to trekking date.

Having booked and paid for your gorilla habituation permits, there could be reasons as to why you may prefer to change the initial trekking date to another one. One of the reasons could be sickness, accidents and or missing your flight connection and are un able to trek on the already set date. In this case, Encounter Africa will advise you to pay extra 25% of the permit price to move your gorilla habituation permit to another date. Further note that the penalty for late gorilla habituation permit reschedule can be avoided if you change the date at least two weeks before trekking date. This is painful but it is the next best option available for you. For more details about this, feel free to contact Encounter Africa safaris.

Key points to consider before making a reschedule.

All those intending to make late gorilla habituation experience permit reschedule must make sure that there is availability of space on the new dates. Uganda Wildlife Authority can only authorize rescheduling to a particular date only when there is space. The good thing is that if you book your gorilla permits with Encounter Africa Safaris, we will always help you to check availability of space and all possibilities available. Our good working relationship with UWA also makes it better and easy to work out a solution.

For one to move or reschedule four hour gorilla permits in Uganda, he or she must have paid them in full. No permit will be moved that is not fully paid. This therefore means that you must have paid USD1500 for each booked permit in order for you to move it to another date. Further note that you can only reschedule your four hour gorilla habituation permit once so make sure you that before you move these permits, check that you have the correct dates.

Four things you need to know about Gorilla habituation experience

Gorilla habituation experience allows one to spend four hours with mountain gorillas under habituation. This experience is the first and the only one of its kind and only happens in Uganda alone. Its true that one can find mountain gorillas in the other two countries of Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo but this four hour gorilla habituation experience only takes place in Uganda and Bwindi impenetrable National Park in particular.

Gorilla habituation safaris are taking place in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park and all those intending to spend four hours with mountain gorillas should plan to visit either Rushaga or Nkuringo sectors of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Efforts to creat families for gorilla habituation in the northern sector of Bwindi are in high gear and should the family be ready, we will be the first one to let you know.

Each gorilla family for gorilla habituation experience can only take up to maximum of four people every day. The reason for this is that, mountain gorillas in these families are still semi habituated and UWA chooses to limit the number of people that visit them. This therefore means that, only four permits are available daily. Clients interested in booking gorilla habituation experience permits should do so in advance in order to avoid missing our since permits are issued out on first come fast serve.

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