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Encounter Africa Safaris is Uganda’s premier fixers and experts in locational scouting, preparation, process media cards, kit clearing, fixers, and other services required by film crews intending to film in Uganda. In this article, we will be looking at filming lions in Uganda, best locations for lion filming in Uganda, permissions for filming lions in Uganda among other variables.

The best lion filming locations include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park much as other parks and reserves have a couple of lions. Those interested in filming lions in Uganda have to contact Uganda wildlife Authority a body that is in charge of conserving wildlife for future generations. All lion filming permits must be obtained from Uganda Wildlife Authority. This requires you to write to them when you intend to film, how many days, how many film crew members you will have and its from this that they will design for you a filming contract. Encounter Africa Safaris saves you from this hassle when contacted. They will process everything on your behalf as you prepare other things.

Key requirements for filming lions in Uganda

You will definitely require a filming contract from Uganda wildlife Authority, press accreditation from Uganda Media Council as well as clearing your filming equipment. The other logistics include accommodation, transport to and from filming locations and a fixer to help you out. For those that want to find lions with ease, they could consider predator or lions experience which involves tracking given prides of lions. This comes at an extra fee as compared to looking for lions on normal game drive.

For details about filming lions in Uganda, please contact Encounter Africa Safaris and we will advise you right from scouting to filming since we have been in this business for quite sometime

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