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Rwenzori mountain ranges are located in western Uganda bordering the western army of the rift valley. They stretch from Kasese on to Bundibujo making it the longest mountain ranges in Africa. Mountain Rwenzori is one of the challenging mountains to climb due to its ruggedness and as such very few climbers come to hike Rwenzori. Today we look at Filming in Rwenzori mountains, challenges, what to film, where to stay while filming among other fixer issues.

About filming in Rwenzori Mountains

Just like other filming locations in Uganda, requires processing filming permits, media cards, kit custom clearing, booking accommodation as well as transport to and from there. Some parts of the mountain belong to the community and as such permission from local leaders of the district/village may be sought. Those intending in filming in Rwenzori National Park, permission must be sought from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

What to film in Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori mountains boosts of so many attractions that can be filmed by all those interested in the mountain. Being one of the three mountains that have snow in east Africa, Rwenzori is indeed worth filming. It has several forests which are home to some wildlife as well as beautiful flowers. Rwenzori mountain ranges are also occupied by several ethnic groups of communities such as the Bakojo, the Batoro and the Bamba who have rich history that is worth recording. Rwenzori is a catchment area of so many rivers that include Nyamwamba, Rwimi that supply some of the rift valley lake. For does looking for what to film in Rwenzori mountains should contact Encounter Africa safari fixers who will scout the mountains to look for what is needed. The one challenge with filming in Rwenzori Mountains is accommodation. Up in the mountains, accommodation tends to become a problem since very few hats do exist. This has forced most of those that film in Rwenzori Mountains to stay in Kasese town and commit.

For more information about filming in Rwenzori mountains, obtaining filming permits, booking accommodation as well as other fixer services, do contact Encounter Africa Safaris.

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