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When in Uganda and Rwanda, chimpanzee trekking is the second best tourist activity that one can participate in in order to enhance their experience. In this article, we will endeavor to explore all faq about chimpanzee trekking in Uganda so that you get all facts before booking a chimp tracking safari in Uganda.

FAQ about chimp trekking

Frequently asked questions about chimp trekking in Uganda include: where do chimps live in Uganda, what is the best place to see chimps in Uganda, what is the cost of a chimp permit in Uganda, what is the age limit for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda? How can I book a chimp permit and so much more.

What is the best place to trek chimps in Uganda

Best place to see chimps in Uganda is one of the faq about chimp trekking. Tourists want to always get the best experience when they pay for any given activity and one of the most asked questions that require answers is what is the best place to see chimps in Uganda? Encounter Africa Safaris operates in both Uganda and Rwanda and our vast experience in primate tours has made us experts in this area and able to advise the best place for chimp trekking in Uganda. Chimpanzee trekking takes place in several forests and national parks which include; Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kaniyo Pabidi in Budongo Forest, and Kalinzu Forest. In each of the above mentioned forests, experts have habituated communities of chimpanzees for trekking. Depending on your interests, we will advise the best place for you. Kibale Forest has been described as the best place to trek chimps in Uganda. This forest has about three communities of chimps habituated for trekking and habituation experience. Kibale Forest is located in western Uganda and is about 5-6 hours’ drive from the main capital city kampala. This forest is under Uganda wildlife authority and as such chimp trekking here is manned by UWA staff. From our experience, Kibale remains one of the best place to trek habituated chimps and view other 11 primate species in this forest. Because of this, this forest has been regarded as having the highest primate species in Africa. Other forests that can compare with Kibale Forest National Park include Nyungwe forest in Rwanda. The next best recommended best place for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda is Budongo Forest. Budongo forest has the highest number of chimps in Uganda and Kaniyo Pabidi section has enough habituated communities of chimps for trekking. Concession to trek budongo chimps is under Uganda lodges and as such all operations are under Uganda Lodges but the overall running of the forest is under National Forest Authority. Budongo forest is located in Northern Uganda and is part of the extensive Murchison Falls Conservation area. And as such, one can combine game drives, boat cruises and chimpanzee trekking in Budongo since these two (Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest are in the same conservation area. Budongo is about 5-6 hour’s drive and is rated the second best place to see habituated chimps in Uganda. FAQ about chimp trekking also applies to Kyambura gorge located in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This gorge has only one community/family of habituated chimpanzee that are very mobile. For those visiting queen Elizabeth National Park and have less time, then you should try chimp trekking either in Kyambura or Kalinzu forest. Other places to see chimps in Uganda include Ngamba island located in Lake Victoria where orphaned chimps are given a second chance to live. You can also see chimps at the Uganda Wildlife Education center in Entebbe. Contact Encounter Africa Safaris on how to organize a chimpanzee tour or faq about chimp trekking and one of our consultants will advise accordingly.

How long is chimp trekking?

Another faq about chimp trekking is how long is this activity. To be precise with this question, chimpanzee trekking last for a about 6 hours due to the fact that every day, two sessions are conducted. Everywhere in Uganda, morning chimp trekking starts at 8:00am while the afternoon session starts at 12:30pm. It should be noted that once you find chimps, you are allowed to spend only one hour with them. Depending on your itinerary, we can book you on the morning or afternoon session. Please contact Encounter Africa Safaris for details.

Where to book chimp permits in Uganda.

Booking chimp permits is yet another faq about chimp trekking in Uganda. Encounter Africa Safaris books chimpanzee permits on behalf of its clients. Chimp permits for Kibale Forest and Kyambura gorge are sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority while those for Budong can be booked by Uganda Lodges. Those intending to trek chimps in Kalinzu can get their permits from National Forest Authority. For Ngamba Island, CSWCT is in charge. Encounter Africa Safaris to book your chimp permit, we will need details on when you intend to trek, where and whether you want to combine it with other activities so that we then check availability and advise accordingly. Once permits are discovered to be available, we will send you an invoice for payment to enable us secure them on your behalf. For confirmation purposes, we will send you scanned copies and the original copies can be picked from our office. We never charge any penny of you book a whole inclusive tour with us including transport, activities and accommodation but if you book permits only, we charge a small administrative fee. Contact Encounter Africa Safaris on how to book yourself a chimp permit for Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest, or Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

How much does a chimp permit cost?

Cost of chimp permits is another faq about chimp trekking in Uganda. The cost of a chimp permit varies depending on where one wants to trek chimps and the season. Kibale forest national Park chimp permits cost $150.00 for foreign none residents and $100 for foreign residents in Uganda. This is high season months of January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October and December. Uganda Wildlife Authority offers discounted chimpanzee permits during low season months of April, May and November and a chimp permit for kibale forest costs $100 for foreign none residents hence saving $50 per permit in low season. In Kyambura, a permit cost $50 only. Encounter Africa Safaris will keep you posted when there any changes in the near future since Uganda Wildlife Authority reviews her tariffs every 30th of December.

What is included in a chimp permit?

Inclusions and exclusions of a chimp permit is yet another faq about chimp trekking. Just like gorilla permits, a chimp permits entitles you one hour with a habituated chimpanzee community in either Kibale National Park, or Kyambura gorge. It also includes park entry fees and a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide who will guide you to one of the chimp families with in the forest. Excluded in the cost of a chimp permits are transport to and from, meals and any other service not mentioned above. Encounter Africa Safaris being a tour operator helps to organize all these components on your behalf.

What is the age limit for chimpanzee trekking

This one of the very import faq about chimp trekking in Uganda. For conservation purposes of endangered primates that include chimpanzees, Uganda Wildlife Authority has set a minimum age for chimp trekking in Kibale National Park and kyambura at 15 years and above. Any child below 15 years is not allowed. Its only under rare circumstances that the under age children will be allowed but this has to be organized on ground after thorough assessment by Uganda Wildife Authority staff. It is therefore advised that before you book chimp permits for your children to establish how old they will be at the time of the trek. Few reasons have been put forward to explain this age limit one being that children can easily spread communicable diseases to our closest cousins and their behavior when they eventually see chimps is unpredictable. They may decide to cry, make noise or run away something that may result into the charging of a given chimp gorilla. The result for this action may not be good for the group.

This is just a guide but should you have other faq about chimp trekking Uganda, our safari designers are on email and telephone to serve you

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