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Uganda as a tourism destination offers different gorilla permit prices to different categories of people to enable them track mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Depending on your status, price may differ. Today, we will feature east African resident gorilla permit price and how different it is from the price of foreign nonresidents and East African Citizens. We will also explore what one needs to benefit from it and who actually benefits.

Who benefits from East African resident gorilla permit price

East Africa is composed of several countries that include Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burindi. Southern Sudan has also applied to be admitted in the East African Community so that it can benefit from the political and economic benefits of the regions. For one to benefit from East African resident gorilla permit price, you must be resident in one of the mentioned country and holding a work permit. By holding a work permit, you qualify to be a foreign resident and thus eligible for the East African resident gorilla permit in Uganda.

All gorilla permits to trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority a body in charge of conserving all wildlife within and out of conservation areas. It is in charge of setting not only the price of gorilla permit but also to ensure that different categories of people do benefit from their residence status. As per the current 2016-17, East African resident gorilla permit price is at USD500.00 during high seasons of January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October and December. In Low seasons of April, May and November, East African resident gorilla permit price is at USD400 per person hence enabling all those foreign residents staying and working in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi to benefit from such discount and to save up to USD100.00 which can be used to book other services included in a gorilla tour such as accommodation, meals and transport.

Encounter Africa safaris can help you book your East African resident gorilla permit as long as you confirm which date, month and year you want to trek gorillas in Uganda. We will then invoice you and also ask you to send us a copy of your passport plus work permit so that we book your gorilla permit. Once we have collected them from Uganda Wildlife Authority, We will send you scanned copies for your records and perusal.

Please note that Encounter Africa safaris does not charge anything to book your gorilla permit once you book an all-inclusive gorilla tour with us. By All-inclusive, we mean booking permits, transport, accommodation with us. If you only want gorilla permits, we normally charge a small fee to cover our administrative costs that include, internet, calls to check availability as well as transport to and from Uganda Wildlife Authority. Further note that East African resident permit price includes one hour with a given habituated family of gorillas, services of an UWA ranger/guide who will take you to the forest to trek mountain gorillas plus park fees for Mgahinga National park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It does not include your accommodation in the Park, meals plus transport to and from the Park.

Contact Encounter Africa safaris for details about East African resident gorilla permit price and we will be glad to provide all relevant information to enable you prepare your gorilla tracking safari to Uganda

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