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Global statistics indicate that most tourists that come to Uganda from other countries have gorilla trekking as the highlight of activities while in the country. Statistics further indicate that out of the many people that visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, very few are Ugandans. A question of do Ugandans trek gorillas has to arise. One would assume that gorilla trekking being an exciting activity and Ugandans having Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga National Park, they should be the ones contributing high number of tourists to Bwindi and Mgahinga for gorilla trekking. If not, we have to ask ourselves that do Ugandans trek gorillas and if not what could be the cause of this?

Do Ugandans trek gorillas found in their own country?

The question “Do Ugandans trek gorillas” can be answered by looking at the interests of Ugandans. Most Ugandans having grown up in rural areas tend to admire urban tourist attractions such as beaches, dancing, music concerts and much more. Most Ugandans have grown closer to these national parks, have seen many animals including gorillas and as such, they see paying to do gorillas as a waste. Some other Ugandans could have gone for gorilla trekking but they lack proper information of how much, where gorillas are located and how to get there. The fact is that very few people in Uganda know the difference between gorillas and chimps and or where these two are located. So much as the gorilla permits are reduced for Ugandans, very few people go for gorilla trekking. The other category that could have gone gorilla trekking are very poor and as such cannot afford the price for a gorilla permit even when it is on a discount. They look at going to trek gorillas and spend one hour in the forest as a luxury and a waste.

Ugandans are charged about USD80 per gorilla permit in high season and about USD50 during low season. This should be enough motivation for them to go and visit mountain gorillas in either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Do Ugandans trek gorillas? This is a question that can be partly explained by the above facts. Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla tours for Ugandans and Non Ugandans to trek gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Contact us for the best offers

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