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There only three countries in the whole world where one can see the rare and endangered mountain gorillas. These are Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo. Comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking in 2018 is important to help tourists make the best decision. Uganda and Rwanda are the most popular countries for gorilla trekking and in this article we look at comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking gorilla trekking in 2018. As we wind up 2017, people need information to help them organize their tours in 2018.

Points considered when comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking in 2018

When comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking in 2018, one needs to look at the experience he or she will get if he/she chooses a given destination for gorilla trekking. Here at Encounter Africa safaris can confirm that mountain gorillas are the same everywhere in Uganda and Rwanda. The time spent with gorillas in either country is the same (one hour once found). The experience with the gorillas may differ as this is dependent on several factors. Rest assured that whichever country you choose is worthy it. Encounter Africa safaris continue to run gorilla safaris to Rwanda and Uganda and will be glad to advices you on the best way to go about deciding on a destination to visit.

Price of a gorilla permit is very important when comparing Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking in 2018. It has been confirmed that the price of gorilla permits in Rwanda is USD1500.00 while that of Uganda is USD600.00. Rwanda increased the price of gorilla permits from USD750.00 to USD1500.00 and Uganda followed by scrapping of low season gorilla discount at USD450.00. It therefore means that one can choose to visit Rwanda or Uganda depending on price. For those that want to save, its better to visit Uganda and those that can afford there no reasons why you should not visit Rwanda.

There is of course the usual advantages that one has to look at while choosing Rwanda over Uganda and the reverse is true. Rwanda has an advantage over Uganda when it comes to shorter distance from the airport to Volcanoes National Park. 2-3 hours needed only while it will require one to spend 8-9 hours from Entebbe Airport to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In fact, people now prefer tracking Uganda gorillas through Kigali as it is short than when one uses Entebbe Airport. Encounter Africa safaris remains one of the leading Tour operators in Uganda and the next time you think of trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, do contact us.

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