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Christmas celebrations are popular with Christians all over the world. Many people tend to have their holidays out of their home to enjoy their Christmas holiday outside their home. At Encounter Africa safaris, we believe that Christmas gorilla trekking is one of the few rewarding experience that you should consider. We organize Christmas gorilla trekking in Uganda as well as Rwanda in order for you to have an everlasting experience with the rare mountain gorillas of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and or Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda Respectively.

Why Christmas gorilla trekking?

Since childhood, you have spent most of your time celebrating christmas at your home. You have looked at all options but you have never found the best way to enjoy your xmas holiday. Uganda and Rwanda provides an opportunity to spend your Christmas with gorillas every year. Imagine the time you will spend with these rare apes on a special day like xmas in the forest. You will be sharing your joy while contributing towards their conservation and survival.

How to plan your Christmas Gorilla trekking

Due to increased demand for Christmas gorilla trekking, we encourage all our clients to book permits in advance to avoid shortage. The same applies to lodges. Accommodation and gorilla permits should be the first to be booked as this is the only guarantee for this. Gorilla permits December cost USD600 per person to see gorillas on Christmas for only one hour. If one wants to spend more hours then he/she should look at gorilla habituation experience which costs USD1500 to spend four hours with mountain gorillas. Gorilla habituation experience is only in Uganda and not Rwanda and takes only four people not eight (case with gorilla trekking). Once permits are booked, then you can take your time to process all the need full services which Encounter Africa Safaris will help with. You may also add other attractions such as game drives, boat cruise, chimpanzee or golden monkey trekking depending on the number of days available for your safari holiday. Contact Encounter Africa safaris for an affordable and memorable safari experience on your coming Christmas.

For more information about Christmas gorilla safari offers do not hesitate to contact us. We are highly recommended on Trip advisor as well as Safari bookings. You can also check out our gorilla trekking Xmas packages here

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