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Latest from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park indicate that a new gorilla group called Christmas gorilla family has been full habituated and opened up for gorilla trekking. Christmas gorilla family is located in Nkuringo region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Nkuringo and Rushaga make up the great southern part of the Bwindi impenetrable National Park which is a UNESCO site. According to reliable sources in Uganda, Wildlife Authority, the launch of Christmas gorilla family has brought the number of habituated mountain gorilla families in Nkuringo to four. Nkuringo region had only one gorilla group (Nkuringo group) but with time, families have increased to three. (Nkuringo group, Bushaho and Christmas.

About Christmas gorilla family

As earlier noted, Christmas gorilla family is located in the southern part of Bwindi in Nkuringo region. It is the third mountain gorilla family to be habituated in Nkuringo making it three gorilla groups open for gorilla trekking in this region. According to reports from the ground as well as Uganda Wildlife Authority, Christmas gorilla family has up to 9 members with 6 mainly seen when trekking this family. This gorilla group is headed by a dominant silverback known as Christmas, One black back, three females and one baby. For those interested trekking Christmas gorilla family can book Nkuringo region gorilla permits through Encounter Africa safaris your trusted tour operator for Uganda and Rwanda.

Impact of Christmas gorilla family on Nkuringo permits

The introduction of Christmas gorilla group as a new gorilla family in Nkuringo has led to the increase in the number of gorilla permits available for reserving and booking daily. From 8 to 16 and now 24 makes Nkuringo one of the best regions to trek habituated mountain gorillas. Encounter Africa safaris organizes gorilla tours to Nkuringo to trek Christmas gorilla family, Bushaho gorilla group as well as Nkuringo gorilla family. Further note that those interested in trekking Christmas gorilla family should book gorilla permits belong to Nkuringo region and then request for Christmas gorilla group on the very day of trekking. This is because gorilla family allocation is determined on the actual day of trekking where one is given freedom to request for a gorilla family of his or her interest depending on time and physical fitness.

Implication of Christmas gorilla family on Bwindi permits

Christmas gorilla group(Nkuringo) and Katwe gorilla family (Buhoma) have increased on the number of gorilla families in Bwindi as well as gorilla permits available for booking and trekking mountanin gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. With the introduction of these two new gorilla families, the number of gorilla families in Bwindi impenetrable National park has increased from 15 to 17 resulting into 136 gorilla permits available daily. Please note that each gorilla family is allowed a maximum of one hour and can only be visited by a maximum of 8 people per day.

Accessing Nkuringo region to trek Christmas gorilla family

Nkuringo region which is home to the new gorilla family Christmas gorilla group can be accessed by road from Entebbe/Kampala via Mbarara, Kabale and then Nkuringo. One can also access Nkuringo region by flying into Kigali Airport and transferring 5-6 hours by road to Nkuringo. Once can use Chanika or Katuna boarder onewards to Nkuringo. Those interested in flying to the southern part of Bwindi, you can book our daily scheduled flights that depart Entebbe International Airport and land in Kisoro Airstrip. Because of the weather and altitude of the region. We normally conduct one morning flight to Kisoro Airstrip


Accommodation in Nkuringo Region

When booked to trek Christmas gorilla family or any other gorilla groups in Nkuringo, the most reliable and trusted Lodges are Clouds mountain gorilla lodge and Nkuringo Bwindi Lodge which as just 5 minutes drive to the starting point. Tourists can also stay in Rushaga region where many lodges have been constructed. Its about 45 minutes drive from Rusdhaga to Nkuringo. Encounter Africa safaris will book your transport to and from Nkuringo, Accommodation as well as gorilla permits if you book any of these gorilla safari packages. 3 Day gorilla tour from Entebbe, 3 Day gorilla safari from Kigali and 5 Day gorilla and chimp trekking tour.

While in Nkuringo, you can also prefer to combing trekking Christmas gorilla family with gorilla habituation experience. Gorilla habituation experience allows you to spend up to four hours with mountain gorillas under habituation. Two gorilla families have been put aside for this particular experience which only takes place in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

For more information about Christmas gorilla family and other groups in Nkuringo region, do not hesitate to contact Encounter Africa safaris your trusted tour operator for Uganda and Rwanda. Encounter Africa safaris is highly recommended on Trip advisor as well as safari bookings. Contact us as affordable gorilla trekking trips and holidays to Uganda and Rwanda.

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