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Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa that provide Christmas chimp trekking options for you to choose from while in Uganda. Christmas holidays are the best times to spend time with these great apes and Encounter Africa safaris looks forward to offer you the best advice on how to book your Christmas chimp trekking safari in selected places in Uganda. Whether travelling in 2017 or 2018, our chimp trekking options designed by Encounter Africa safaris, will provide you with everlasting experience.

Christmas chimp trekking safari options for 2017/08

Uganda has the best place to trek chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Budongo Forest, Karizu Ecotourism site as well as Kyambura gorge. Of these, Kibale National Park and Budongo forest so stand out due to high chances of seeing habituated communities/parties of chimps. There several Christmas chimp trekking options in Uganda that include the usual chimp trekking which gives you one hour with the chimps and then chimpanzee habituation experience which is a full day experience with chimpanzees.

Booking chimpanzee habituation and chimp trekking permits

whichever activity you select, you will be required to book a permit that gives you permission to trek chimpanzees. For Kibale National Park, a permit to trek chimps on Christmas for one hour costs USD150 per person while that of chimpanzee habituation experience costs USD220.00 per person and helps you to spend a full day with chimpanzees under habituation. Permits are issued out by Uganda Wildlife Authority and this is done on first come first serve. For those interested in trekking or seeing chimpanzees on Christmas day are encouraged to book your permits in advance to avoid shortage. Encounter Africa safaris can do all this work of booking permits on your behalf as long as you book an all inclusive Christmas package with us.

Uganda is a beautiful country endowed with many tourist attractions. You can combine your Christmas chimp trekking with other activities such as gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and or Mgahinga National Park. Game and boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Parl and Kidepo National Park.

For all the information concerning Christmas chimp trekking options and other activities of interest, do contact Encounter Africa safaris for details on how to book your chimpanzee permit, accommodation, transport and so much more.

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