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Encounter Africa safaris organizes chimpanzee filming permits for film crews interested in filming chimpanzees in Uganda. Encounter Africa has been leading the way in advising filming companies on filming locations, permits, media accreditation and in this article, we will explore chimpanzee filming locations as well as all permissions required before any filming can commence.

What you need to know about Chimpanzee filming permits

Uganda is one of the few countries endowed with wild chimpanzees and as such, it is normally referred to as the primate capital of Africa. Most habitats for chimpanzees in Uganda are under Uganda Wildlife Authority and National Forest Authority and as such the two bodies must be approached for one to acquire chimpanzee filming permits.

If anyone wants to film chimps in Kibale Forest National Park and Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth, then he must seek permission from Uganda Wildlife Authority first since these are located in National parks. For any forest reserve such as Karinzu and Budongo forest, chimpanzee filming permits should be booked with National Forest Authority.

The procedure of attaining chimpanzee filming permits in Uganda is very simple as long as you follow what Encounter Africa safaris will advise you. For Uganda Wildlife Authority chimpanzee filming permits, you will be required to write to them informing when you want to filming, for how long, number of filming crew members and the reason for filming. They will then use this information to draft a contract which should then allow you to film. Companies or individuals have to pay a fee which normally changes overtime. 2016-17 tariffs indicate that one will be required to pay USd1050 as group fess to film chimps in Kibale per day on top of chimpanzee permit per person. To cater for any environmental consequences, UWA charges a monitoring fee of 5% of the total cost.

Encounter Africa safaris will organize such chimpanzee filming permits, sign and collect it on your behalf. We handle all filming logistics ranging from Media Accreditation, transport, custom kit clearing and so much more

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