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chimpanzee filming in UgandaChimpanzee filming in Uganda can be conducted in Kibale National Park where three chimpanzee communities have been habituated and thus friendly to people. Film crews and production companies can film chimpanzees in Kanyawara Makerere University research institute or Kanyanchu which is the Uganda Wildlife Authority official headquarter. Other exciting places for chimpanzee filming include Budongo forest as well as Chambura gorge.

Press Accreditation for chimpanzee filming in Uganda

Chimpanzee filming in Uganda just like any other filming project requires that crew members are accredited by Uganda Media Council and as such, you will need to process media cards before you are allowed to film chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Budongo forest or Chambura gorge.

Permits for chimpanzee filming in Uganda

You will also be required to sign a memorandum of Understanding with Uganda Wildlife Authority for you to do chimpanzee filming in any of Uganda’s National Park. As a filming company, you will have to write a letter to the Executive Director informing him the reason of filming, when and which national park, then the letter will be scrutinized and a contract drafted for you. Chimpanzee filming in Uganda costs USD1000.00 per day for the group and on top of this cost, each crew member is supposed to buy a chimpanzee permit for either park. We can organize filming permits for you as long as you let us know when you intend to film chimps. For those interested

We also offer other logistical services such as location scouting, preparations, accommodation booking, transport and local fixers to help out during the shoot. We also assist in clearing in your filming equipment as long as you provide us with all details of your Kit list to enable us create a bond with Uganda Revenue Authority. We are ready to assist you in anyway

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