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Chimp trekking price and cost issues

Chimpanzee trekking is the second best primate activity in Uganda. You too can participate in trekking habituated chimpanzees in Uganda by visiting one of the below places but each place has price issues and costs that we will assess today. The more you know about chimp trekking price and cost issues, the better

Chimp trekking price and cost issues to consider

As part of your chimp trekking price and cost issues, You will need a chimpanzee permit whose costs differ from one place to another. You will need transport to and from where you will trek chimps as well as accommodation for at least one night.

Kibale Forest National Park chimps

This forest has three habituated communities of chimpanzees and two of these are used for chimpanzee trekking while the other one is for chimpanzee habituation. For one to trek chimps in Kibale National Park, he/she has to budget for a chimpanzee permit which can be obtained at Uganda Wildlife Authority head office in Kampala on Kyira road. A chimp permit for Kibale National Park costs $150 per person per trek either in the morning or afternoon. It allows you to stay with chimpanzees for one hour but the walk is punctuated with plant and bird identification as it is always guided by informed and knowledgeable Uganda Wildlife authority ranger guides. The $150 caters for park entry fees, viewing chimpanzees in their natural habitat as well as a guide who takes you to the forest.

Budongo Forest chimps

Located in the northern part of Uganda, Budongo forest has the highest number of wild chimpanzees and the habituated ones are located in Kaniyo Pabidi. Its about 4 hours drive from Kampala on your way to Murchison Falls National Park. Chimpanzee permits for Budongo forest cost $80 per person and one can trek either in the morning or afternoon. Encounter Africa safaris can assist in securing chimpanzee permits for Budingo forest as long as you provide us with the year, months and date when you intend to trek chimps in Budongo.

Kyambura Gorge chimps

Kyambura gorge is a Rift Valley with in a rift valley. It is a gorge found on the floor of the west arm of the great east African rift valley. It was formed due to secondary faulting affected the floor of the primary rift valley and because of this, climatic and vegetation difference created a forest within the gorge and is now acting as home for eight habituated chimpanzees. Chimpanzee permits for chambura gorge costs $50 per person per trek and Encounter Africa Safaris can help you purchase permits from Uganda Wildlife authority.

Cost of Accommodation around Kibale National Park

As earlier mentioned, you need to budget for at least one night as you budget for your chimp trekking tour. There several Lodge or Guest House options that range from as little as $20 to $350 per person. Most budget accommodation lodges are in fort portal town and specialized lodges are also close to Kibale National Park. Mostly used lodges include, Kyaninga, Ndali, Primate, Chimp Nest, Kibale safari Lodge, Kibale Forest camp among others.

Cost of Accommodation around Budongo Forest

Not so many options for Budongo Forest and the only perfect Lodge is Budongo Eco Lodge located in Kaniyo Pabidi. You may stay in Masindi or Lodges in Murchison Falls National Park. Cost is almost the same as that of around Kibale National Park.

Contact us for more details about price for Lodges, transport and all that you need to know.

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