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There several causes of gorilla permit overbooking in Uganda and Rwanda and this is something that needs consideration in understanding gorilla trekking in both countries. Gorilla trekking expeditions only take place in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. At the moment gorilla tracking or watching remains one of the most trending tourist activity for those coming to Africa and in particular Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo. Due to public demand and due to the fact that there is always a maximum number all of people allowed to trek a given gorilla family per day, it becomes a problem when mistakes are made. We now look at circumstances or causes of gorilla permit overbooking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively.

Actual causes of gorilla permit overbooking

Most causes of gorilla permit overbooking are un predictable reading to the booking Authorities such as Uganda Wildlife Authority to amend their stances and accommodate more people for gorilla trekking. In the actual sense, there should not be gorilla permit overbooking due to the fact that all gorilla permits are booked at Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kampala in advance but circumstances on ground in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park warrants authorities to have more than 8 people (the maximum number recommended per gorilla family) tracking the same family. One major cause of gorilla permit overbooking and having more than eight people trekking a given gorilla family is due to the an expected movement of mountain gorillas in Uganda. Sometimes mountain gorillas in bwindi impenetrable National Park tend to move deeper in the forest and cannot be accessed by tourists or UWA rangers meaning that people or tourists who had been booked in advance to trek such gorillas are then allocated to other gorilla families. This is looked at as gorilla permit overbooking when actually it is not. The fact that gorilla permits are booked in advance, it becomes imperative for UWA to devise means of accommodating all tourists on that particular date.

The other cause of gorilla permit overbooking is due to mistakes committed by tourists or driver guides and UWA has to intervene in order to rescue the situation. There situations when a guide may end up in Rushaga when he is holding gorilla permits for lets say Buhoma. He realizes that it is too late to drive from Buhoma. At this point and in the interest of the clients, UWA may take a decision to accommodate them hence causing overbooking of gorilla permits in one side of the forest. Sometimes individual tourists who in many cases forget that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has four regions and four staring points end up in the wrong staring point. For example some solo clients without knowing can easily book gorilla permits for Ruhija and then book their accommodation in Rushaga and on the day of trekking, they actually discover that they are in a wrong place.

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