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A gorilla permit is a card in Uganda or a document in Rwanda which acts as a receipt that indeed you have paid to trek gorilla in Uganda or Rwanda. You may need to resell your gorilla permit due to some circumstances. Gorilla permits may cost from USD350 to USD600 in Uganda and USD750 in Rwanda. You can book discounted gorilla permits at $350 in the months of April May and November 2015 and $600 during the rest of the months. If you a foreign resident in Uganda holding a valid working permit, then the price will be reduced from $600 to $500 only.

Reselling your gorilla permit

It is always advisable to book your gorilla permit at least three to six months in advance meaning that you need to check availability at Uganda Wildlife Authority and then pay thirty percent in cash in order to have it booked and secured for you. Once this is done, you will then have to top up or pay the balance three months to your trekking date. This applies to Uganda. In Rwanda, top up of gorilla permits is before two months to trekking date. If you want to buy discounted gorilla permits, terms and conditions are different in that it is purchased in full. That is, one has to pay $350 in full and it is none refundable. Due to some an avoidable circumstances such as an epidemic outbreak, terror alerts, etc, one finds himself in a situation where he will not come to Rwanda or Uganda to trek gorillas. Some Big Tour Operators also buy many permits most especially for speculation and if they fail to sell them on the date they are supposed to use them and the best options are either to resell them or move them to another date.

How to resell your gorilla permit

Much as this is not allowed, no one likes to lose money like that. If you booked your gorilla permit through a Tour Operator that belongs to The Association of Uganda Tour Operators then it becomes simple since they have a network which they use to communicate with each other. They will send emails amongst themselves and if there is any company interested in your gorilla permit, then it will be resold.

Encounter Africa Safaris makes sure that if there is any change in your plans, we will try to resell your permit or move it to another day

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