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2018 is becoming an exciting tourism year for Uganda as new innovations and products are coming on board including buraiga chimp habituation experience. Buraiga chimp habituation experience at USD100.00 is the new innovation and product that has been introduced by Uganda Wildlife Authority for the year 2018-1019. Buraiga chimp habituation experience at USD100.00 is now operational at Kibale National Park and all those interested in participating in this unique activity should contact Encounter Africa Safaris or Uganda Wildlife Authority for more details. Buraiga is one of the chimpanzee communities in Kibale National Park but still in tis early stages of habituation in order to get used to human presence. The starting point for buraiga habituation experience is at Kanyanchu Uganda wildlife authority offices and permits for this experience are handled at Uganda Wildlife Authority head offices in Kampala.

Buraiga chimp habituation experience at USD100 is cheaper and why?

It should be noted that the actual fee for Kibale chimpanzee habituation is USD200.00 per person for 6 hours but that of Buraiga (still in Kibale National Park) is USD100.00 per person per trek. The price difference arises from the fact that Buraiga chimpanzee community is still in the early stages of habituation and for that matter, chances of seeing these wild chimps under habituation are still very minimal. Those who have experience Buraiga chimp habituation experience at USD100 say that this experience is not for the faint hearted but for those who are willing to trek long distances as these chimps are still wild and keep on moving. Being a new product, no clear information has been given by Uganda wildlife authority but we are yet to get official information from them. Buraiga chimp habituation permits at USD100.00 are well indicated in UWA tariffs for 2018-19.

Chimpanzee habituation experience is one way of spending more time with chimpanzees with up to 6 hours of viewing and photography allowed. This takes place in Kibale National Park where tourists are allowed to find chimpanzees while participating in activities aimed at habituating wild chimpanzee to get used to human beings. Encounter Africa safaris offers both chimp habituation experience at USD200 and USD100.00 respectively. We will provide details on buraiga chimp habituation experience at USD100 per person as soon as everything is clear.

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