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Buhoma region of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the most though after region and Buhoma gorilla permits are normally the ones to sell out first before other Bwindi gorilla permits of other regions. As earlier mentioned in our articles, Buhoma permits are popular due to the history of buhoma region itself. When one talks about gorilla trekking in Uganda, history has it that it all started in Buhoma region when the first gorilla family called Mubare was first habituated and later opened for gorilla trekking in 1993. Because of this rich history, buhoma gorilla trekking permits are very popular amongst individual tourists as well as tour operators in Uganda.

Why are Buhoma gorilla permits popular

Buhoma permits are so popular amongst tour operators as well as individual travellers due to several regions. It is believed and still a fact that buhoma gorilla permits and gorilla families tend to be among the easiest to trek. This ofcourse is subject to so many factors and a debate can be opened as to whether this is true. That notwith standing some gorilla families used to rotate around the park head quarters to the extent that tourists would watch them from their lodges. A popular video went virial when gorillas belonging to Rushegura family were filmed around Buhoma Uganda wildlife Authority park headquarters a sign to show that buhoma gorillas are normally and sometimes closer to the starting point compared to other regions of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This gives one reason as to why buhoma gorilla permits are popular among travellers. Another photo showing how buhoma gorillas can be so close can be seen where photos of mountain gorillas were taken around Engagi Lodge, Gorilla forest Camp, Buhoma community camp as well as Bwindi Volcanoes Lodge. All these are indications that indeed buhoma gorilla families are sometimes closer to the starting point. This does not rule out the fact that buhoma gorilla treks can sometimes be strenuous. Those who have trekked Mubare gorilla group as well as Habinyanja will attest to this. This is because of the distances that can be moved by these mountain gorillas sometimes in search for food.

Buhoma gorilla permits are also popular for those that fear heights. As per the general altitude of Bwindi Impenetrable national Park or forest, Buhoma region located in the northern part of Bwindi impenetrable National Park has the lowest altitude compared to other regions such as ruhija. This also serves as a plus compared to other regions.

Another reason popularizing Buhoma gorilla permits are the beautiful lodges in Buhoma region. If you book buhoma gorilla trekking permits to trek Buhoma gorillas, you will be spoilt by choices of accommodation properties and lodges in this region. Buhoma region has all categories of Lodges for one to select from. High end lodges in Buhoma include Gorilla Forest Camp, Mahongany, Buhoma Lodge, Bwindi Volcanoes Lodge, Engagi Lodge and Middle Range properties include Buhoma Haven Lodge, Kitandara Tented Camp among others. There other budget camps and lodges and the most popular ones are Buhoma Community rest camp as well as Bwindi carteen. Assured of several accommodation options, Buhoma gorilla trekking permits tend to attract all categories of tourists in this region.

Another reason why Buhoma gorilla permits are popular is that Buhoma regions is very close to Queen Elizabeth National Park and as such very simple to combine Buhoma gorilla treks with game viewing and boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth National Park. After you Buhoma gorilla trek, one can drive 2-3 hours to the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park for game drives in Ishasha popular for its tree climbing lions and the next one or two days, one can drive to the north of the park called mweya for yet more game drives in Kasenyi savannah plains as well as a boat cruise on Kazinga channel. By booking buhoma gorilla permits to trek buhoma gorillas, it becomes very simple to combine the two places of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Queen Elizabeth National Park onwards to Kibale National Park for chimpanzee trekking.

Daily scheduled flights to Kihihi also make Buhoma gorilla permits adorable to many tourists and tour operators. Aerolink operates two daily flights to Kihihi Airstrip and its from here that tourists and the easily drive to Buhoma region and their lodges for gorilla trekking. There both morning and afternoon flights that depart Entebbe for Kihihi daily. Its only for Buhoma that two flights are available daily. For other regions like Rushaga and Nkuringo, its only one flight that is available daily and this is in the morning.

Booking Buhoma gorilla permits

If you want to book Buhoma gorilla permits, you need to contact Encounter Africa Safaris or any other credible tour operator in Uganda to check for you the available number of Buhoma gorilla trekking permits on the day you desire to trek mountain gorillas. Once this is done, Encounter Africa safaris will advise you on how many Buhoma permits will be available and we will later advise you on how to make payment to secure your Buhoma gorilla trekking permits. Being one of the most trusted tour operator, Encounter Africa Safaris has access to Uganda Wildlife Authority gorilla permit booking database. We can at all times check available Buhoma gorilla permits and block or provisionally book them for seven days as we wait for you to make payment or your funds to show on our Bank Account. For Encounter Africa to secure your Buhoma gorilla permits, there is only one condition of booking an all inclusive Uganda safari with us. We tailor safaris to suite the interests, budget and time of our clients and as such we are always glad to provide transport, guides, accommodation, park fees and activities to you all in one package.

How many Buhoma gorilla permits are available daily?

Buhoma region located in the northern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has three mountain gorilla families that are habituated and can be trekked daily. Each gorilla families produces eight Buhoma gorilla permits daily and as such twenty four Buhoma gorilla trekking permits are available can be booked to trek buhoma gorillas at any time of the day.

How are Buhoma Gorilla trekking permits allocated

Buhoma gorilla trekking permits are allocated and booked on first come first serve basis. Having noted that Buhoma gorilla permits tend to sell out quickly compared to other regions, all those interested in trekking Buhoma gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park should endeavor to book their Buhoma permits at least 3-4 months in advance. When it comes to gorilla family allocation, one is able to choose a gorilla family of his/her choice at the day of gorilla trekking. Normally Bwindi park staff try to group you or allocate you a gorilla family depending on your interest and physical fitness. Previously we used to book buhoma gorilla permits according to the available gorilla groups in Buhoma. For example, one would book Mubare, Habinyanja and or Rushegura gorilla permits and at the day of gorilla trekking, one be automatically be assigned that particular gorilla family. As things kept changing, we now book gorilla permits per region and allocation of a particular family happens on ground. So buhoma region offers 24 Buhoma gorilla permits for allocation and trekking daily.

What is the price/cost of Buhoma gorilla permits

Just like all gorilla permits for Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, all Buhoma gorilla permits cost USD600.00 for foreign non residents, USD500 for Foreign Residents with work permits and Sh250,000 for East African Citizens belonging to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Uganda has the second lowest and affordable gorilla permit price in the region. Rwanda gorilla permits now cost a hooping USD1500 thus making Uganda the most adorable gorilla trekking destination in Africa.

Why Book Buhoma gorilla permits through Encounter Africa Safaris

Yes, we are among the best Uganda tour operators that can help you book your Buhoma gorilla permits. Our reviews on Trip advisor and Safari booking vindicates who we are and how professional we can be. We are a trusted Uganda Tour operator with great experience in organizing gorilla excursions as well as Uganda safaris in general. For reliable and timely information about booking your Buhoma permits and safaris, look no more than Encounter Africa Safaris.

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