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Budongo chimp habituation experience provides a cheaper and affordable experience for all those interested in spending more time with wild chimpanzees. Chimp habituation involves moving to the forest with researchers and trackers to take part in the day today activity of habituating wild chimpanzees. This may involve observing behaviors of chimps, collecting samples and naming of chimps in the forest. It’s a whole day activity involving waking up in the morning to follow all activities of chimps from morning to evening. When one talks about chimp habituation, most people will direct think about Kibale Forest National Park but Budongo forest provides an option most especially for those doing the northen circuit involving Murchison Falls National Park.

Budongo chimp habituation experience

When one does Budongo chimp habituation experience, you save USD60.00. This is because it only costs USD160 for a whole day habituation experience in Budongo forest compared to USD220 if you do it in Kibale Forest National Park. Budongo forest has the highest number of wild chimps in Uganda and it would be a nice experience to explore this part of Uganda for a whole day. Budongo forest is part of Murchison Falls Conservation Area located in northern Uganda and can be combined with tourist activities in Murchison Falls National Park that includes Nile River boat cruise to the base of the falls and the delta area, game drives in para, hikes to the top of the falls, sport fishing among others.

We can organize for you chimp and gorilla habituation experiences in Uganda and all you need to do is to contact us with details of how many you will be in your group, number of days you want to spend on your safari, month of the year and we will provide for you a quote. For more information about budongo chimp habituation experience, do not hesitate to contact Encounter Africa Safaris

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