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Just like gorilla permits, all those interested in trekking chimpanzees in Uganda require information on booking chimpanzee permits for either Kibale National Park, Chambura Gorge, Karinzu Eco tourism site as well as Budongo Forest. Booking chimpanzee permits for Kibale National Park as well as Chambura Gorge is done by Uganda Wildlife Authority and anyone can obtain one by visiting their head offices at Kira Road just after Uganda Museum in Kampala.

Process of booking chimpanzee permits with UWA

We request all our clients interested in chimpanzee trekking to inform us about their National park of interests, date, month and year when they intend to visit Uganda. Encounter Africa safaris will then contact Uganda Wildlife Authority to check if there is still availability of chimpanzee permits for those specific dates. Once we find that chimpanzee permits are still available, then we will write back to tell you to make payment and once funds are received, we will book your chimpanzee permits and all components of your safari. Uganda being a primate capital of Africa, combining chimpanzee trekking with other activities like site seeing, gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing can make your safari experience better than you expected. Encounter Africa safaris specializes in tailor made and group tours to all National Park and provides timely and accurate information on booking chimpanzee permits for your trek. For those interested on booking chimpanzee permits for Budongo Forest and Karinzu Eco tourism site, you need to contact National Forest Authority who are in charge of these forests. Permits for Budongo can be booked through Uganda Lodges.

Price of Chimpanzee permits in Uganda

Booking chimpanzee permits in Uganda requires information and knowledge on prices for National Park or forest. Price for Kibale National Park cost USD150.00 per person during high season and USD100.00 during low season. Chambura Permits caost USD50.00 in both Low and high season. Budongo Forest Chimpanzee permits cost USD90.00 per person per trek. All these prices are subject to change and we encourage you to contact Encounter Africa safaris for details.

FAQ about booking chimpanzee permits and trekking

All those booking chimp permits for trekking in Uganda should be aware of the fact that there is some age limit for trekking chimps in all National Parks and Forest reserves. While other will tell you 12 years, others will tell you 15 years just like gorilla trekking. Please inquire about the age limit before booking chimpanzee permits in Uganda.

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda is done in two shifts with the first one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. In forests like Kibale, chimpanzees live in communities of more than 150 individuals. Community members split into small parties during the day to avoid competition on food. They later region in the evening to make nests for the night. In Kibale National Park, each party is trekked by 6 people both in the morning and the afternoon. Gear for gorilla trekking is same as that of chimpanzee trekking so that should not be any problem at all if you want to combine gorilla and chimpanzee trekking while in Uganda. For more information on booking chimpanzee permits in Uganda as well as all frequently asked questions about chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, how to book permits, where to stay, when to pay for your permits, best time to trek chimps, drive time to Kibale or Queen Elizabeth National Park, etc, feel free to contact Encounter Africa Safaris

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