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It is now more than cheap to visit three East African Countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. All you need to do is booking an east African visa that will allow you entry to two or all three east African Countries. East African tourist visa was approved by the three presidents of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya (Yoweli Museveni, Joma Kenyatta and Paul Kagame respectively) with an aim of making it easier and affordable for tourists intending to visit two or three east African countries. By booking an east African tourist visa, you then reduce on costs of paying individual visa for each country.

Booking an east African tourist visa

An East African tourist visa costs USD100 and allows one to visit Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Individuals interested in booking an East African visa can do it at any entry points of the three mentioned countries. In Uganda, you can get your East African visa at any entry points such as Entebbe Airport. It is very easy and can be obtained at the Airport upon arrival. Same thing applies Rwanda and Kenya. Contrary to Uganda, for Rwanda and Kenya, you will need to apply online at least three weeks prior to your safari and should you fail to get a response, then you will be requested to call Rwanda or Kenya respectively. Should you have any problem while processing and booking an east African tourist visa, please do contact one of our dedicated Tour consultant who will assist you.

With the east African visa, tourists can now visit Uganda for gorilla trekking, chimp trekking, game safaris, boat trips, mountain hiking and combine this with either Masai Mara, Mount Kenya and or Rwanda gorillas and other attractions East Africa has to offer.

As the region continue to come up with such innovations, it is most likely that tourism will grow and contribute to economic development of this region. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us since we are ready to serve you and make your travel to Uganda and Rwanda as easy as possible

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