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It’s now possible to book a gorilla trek or booking a gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. We have about 800 or so mountain gorillas in the whole world residing in three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Encounter Africa safaris operate in Uganda and Rwanda can arrange or book a gorilla tour in both countries. Have a look at our 2 day Uganda gorilla tour from Kigali or 3 day gorilla trekking tour from Entebbe and get back to us.

Before booking a gorilla tour

Before booking a gorilla tour in Uganda, you need to first know which countries in Africa have mountain gorillas. You need to do a lot of research online to make sure that you get to understand which country to go to or to book your gorilla trek. Encounter Africa Safaris website provides almost all information required to book a gorilla safari in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Once you have done your research online, you will discover that indeed its only in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo where mountain gorillas live in their natural habitats. You can decide to book a gorilla trek to see Bwindi gorillas or a gorilla trek to watch Rwanda gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and or Virunga National Park to trek congo gorillas.

Choosing the best country to book a gorilla tour

Having realized that mountain gorilla are in Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park), Rwanda in volcanoes National Park and Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga National Park, you then have to start comparing the security situations in each country, cost of gorilla permits, cost of accommodation, accessibility and so many factors that you need to know before you book a gorilla tour. Encounter Africa Safaris website has all information about this and you should use it as a one stop over for gorilla trekking information for Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Price of gorilla permits before booking a gorilla tour

While gorilla trekking experience can be done in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo, there is a difference in the price or cost of a gorilla permit. The price of a gorilla permit may influence your decision on whether to book a gorilla safari in Rwanda, Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo. Please read our detailed information about booking gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda or Discounted gorilla permits in Congo

Gorilla permits cost USD600 in Uganda, USD400 in Democratic Republic of Congo and USD1500 in Rwanda. Encounter Africa safaris book gorilla permits on behalf of our clients who choose to book an all inclusive gorilla tour with us. You can choose our 3 day Uganda gorilla trek from Kigali, 3 day budget gorilla tour, or our 5 Day gorilla and chimpanzee safari and we will book your gorilla permit, transport to and from Bwindi, accommodation in Bwindi and all park entry fees involved.

Why book a gorilla tour in Uganda

Days a gone when Rwanda used to be the leading gorilla trekking destination in Africa. Uganda now stands out as the best destination to book a gorilla tour to see mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. Uganda has the highest numbers of Mountain gorillas in the whole world as well as the highest number of habituated mountain gorillas in the region. When it comes to gorilla permit price, you need to consider the cost before booking a gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda and or Congo. While Congo has the lowest price when it comes to price of gorilla permits, Uganda comes second with USD600.00 and Rwanda the most expensive country to visit when it comes to gorilla permits. The fact that DRC’s security is always questioned, one would be better off book a gorilla tour to see Uganda gorillas at an affordable price of a gorilla permit. The problem that used to make people run away from booking gorilla tours through Uganda was the long distances driven but know it is possible to fly into Kigali and trek Uganda gorillas. Our 3 day Uganda gorilla trekking from Kigali or 2 Day Bwindi gorilla safari from Kigali can help you avoid the long drives involved.

Selecting a Tour Operator to book a gorilla tour

Booking a gorilla tour requires an expert company to do the job for you. You need a tour operator that has all it takes to arrange for you a gorilla tour to Uganda or Rwanda. There many ways you can establish the best tour operator for your gorilla safari. This company must have very good reviews on Trip Advisor. It should have good reviews on Safari Bookings, you need to check their ABOUT US Page on their website, you may also visit their Facebook Page. If it is a Ugandan Company, it is always advised that you deal will a tour operator registered with AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators). Encounter Africa Safaris foots the bill and has all the attributes to book a gorilla tour for you.

Compare prices before booking a gorilla tour

You need to visit different websites or contact different companies before booking your gorilla tour. Whether you want a budget gorilla tour, a mid range gorilla tour, and or a luxury gorilla tour please contact Encounter Africa safaris for the best and most affordable quote that will give you value for money. Go on and check prices and should you get anyone who beats our price, come back to us and we will explain why. Some tour operators may give you the cheapest price but also mind about the credentials of the same company.

Booking a gorilla tour with Encounter Africa Safaris

When you book a gorilla tour with Encounter Africa Safaris, you benefit from tour experience achieved from the many years in organizing gorilla tours in Uganda and Rwanda. We book all inclusive gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda and give you enough and timely information you can rely on to plan your gorilla tour. You can visit our official website of all information about our gorilla tour packages.


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