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There obviously three countries in the world that have mountain gorillas and these are Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. There thousands of tourists longing to make trips to one of these countries in order to trek these endangered great apes. You need the best gorilla safari company to organize all this for you. In this article, we will explore attributes one should be looking for in a given gorilla safari company before booking with it. Encounter Africa safaris is highly recommended as one of the best gorilla safari company in Uganda.

Best gorilla safari company should belong to a country association

There so many tour operators in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC but before you book with any of them, you need to establish if that company is a member of Tour operator associations. For Uganda, you need to find out whether that company is a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and if it is licensed by Uganda Tourism Board to carry out this business. This is because many companies have reaped off clients and becomes had to recover their money but if you book with a company that belongs to an association, then you can know where to start from to claim your money. Encounter Africa Safaris is proud to be associated with AUTO.

Recommendations on Safari bookings or trip advisor

The other way of establishing the best gorilla safari company is to follow reviews of previous clients on either safari bookings or trip advisor. These are platforms that allow clients who have used services of a given company to comment or give feedback. With safari bookings, you have an option of even writing to former clients to ask him or her. Encounter Africa safaris is listed on safari bookings and all that want to know what our former clients are saying are free to visit safari bookings.

Explore the company website to see if you can get relevant information about gorilla tracking. Gorila tours are expensive and as such you need enough information to prepare very well. Encounter Africa safaris has one of the best websites that provides clients with relevant information about mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Feel free to visit our official website and should you fail to get what you want, kindly contact one of our consultants who will in turn answer all your queries.

Another way of knowing that this is the best gorilla safari company to book with is by assessing their response rate. Send an inquiry to two or more company and establish who will respond first. You also need to read what has been sent to you. Speedy response saves you enough time as you prepare for your gorilla trek. There is sometimes a problem of continental time differences which can never be avoided. When you contact Encounter Africa Safaris, you are assured of quick response with quality and affordable quotes.

The other attributes one should look out of the best gorilla safari company is price and the way questions are attended to. At Encounter Africa safaris, all the above attributes are catered for and one will never complain once contacted

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